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Stone Soup

Posted on: November 23, 2011

In celebration of Thanksgiving, my son’s preschool held a Stone Soup party. Do you know the story of Stone Soup? Oh my gosh it’s so cute. Here is a brief summary (in my own words):

A lone traveler walks into a town and asks the villagers for some food. One by one they all adamantly profess to having no food; none at all. So the traveler said ” Oh that’s ok, I have a “magic” stone and all I need is a pot, some water, and I can make us all soup.” Naturally the villagers are intrigued. He begins to stir the “soup” over a fire and takes a deep smell and says “yes, yes this is smelling very good. Very good indeed. But you know I think this would taste even better with some carrots.” Immediately a villager pipes up,  “I have some carrots,” and runs home, grabs the carrots, and hands them to the traveler who adds them to the “magic” soup. Again, the traveler raves about how good the soup smells but would probably be better with potatoes, then onions, then green beans, then tomatoes, etc. By the end of the story the soup is indeed smelling and tasting great due to the generosity of the villagers; and not the “magic” stone.

Such a wonderful story about generosity and being thankful for what God has given us in this world. The preschool made Stone Soup with each ingredient that the children brought in from home.

Each family was invited to celebrate and there was plenty of soup for everyone.

My youngest LOVED the soup (he ate his whole bowl as well as his brother’s bowl) and my oldest loved the corn bread and the pumpkin pie.

A great time was had by all and we now have a new favorite Thanksgiving story.



















1 Response to "Stone Soup"

I have heard about stone soup but never knew that there was this beautiful story – just thought it was what some children called vegetable soup for whatever reason. Thank you for sharing..

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