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It’s a question that has been asked by all cultures, in all times.

What makes true love? The eternal love that literally lasts forever.

Is it true love when it begins as love at first sight?

Is it true love when all the circumstances fall into place and there is no road bumps or hiccups in the relationship?

Is it true love with both people have the same goals, values, and religion?

Is it true love if it survives the seven, ten, or twenty year itch?


True love is sharing the throw up duties in the wee hours of the morning when both boys have the flu.

True love is being exhausted and smelly together, forever!

Have a great Monday!


I have been married for seven and a half years. A long time in today’s society but not long compared to some.

Hubby and I have had extreme ups and extreme downs and through it all I have learned two things that makes a marriage last.

Want to know what they are???

1. God

We put God at the center our of marriage. We believe our own marriages are doomed to fail because as humans we all are just too selfish.

Having God as the focal point of a marriage allows Him to intervene during the hard times, He teaches us to love our spouse in a way we couldn’t do on our own, and we learn to pray for each other’s needs.

A God centered marriage honors the marriage commitment; divorce is not an option in our marriage…EVER!

I truly believe that God is the reason for our successful, happy, loving marriage. We would have defintely screwed it up on our own!

2. Friendship.

Friendship is what makes a marriage not only survive the times but thrive.

Being married to your best friend; not in a sappy, cliche way but in a truly literal sense. There is nobody I would rather hang out with than my hubby. We are spending the day in Temecula today and I am so excited. Not because Temecula is some great vacation destination spot or because I desperately need a break from the boys; but because I get to spend all day, twelve uninterrupted hours with my best friend.

And I know hubby feels the exact same way.

That is why one day we will be celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary; because we are best friends.

And best friends lasts forever!

Happy Friday!

I go through this list every week. This is the list of things I want to accomplish for my family and for myself. This list never gets fully accomplished and at the end of every week I am disappointed about the items that were pushed to the back burner.

My weekly list includes:

Things for my family:

  • Caring and spending quality time with my kids together
  • Spending quality time with each child individually
  • Having alone time with my hubby
  • Making sure we do fun family outings

Household things:

  • Cooking yummy dinners that also challenge me as a cook
  • Keeping the house from looking like a pig sty
  • Maintaining the family budget and savings goals
  • Keeping the dirty clothes pile or ironing pile from reaching the ceiling

Things for myself:

  • Blogging five times a week
  • Writing my, not-yet but hope to be someday, book
  • Exercising three times a week
  • Doing my bible study homework
  • Seeing or at least chatting with my friends a few times a week
  • Getting some alone time maybe once a week

Anyone else have this list?

The items that usually get the shaft are the things for me: exercise, writing, seeing friends, and alone time. It’s in a woman’s, a mother’s nature to sacrifice herself for the family. The perfect example of this is the show The Biggest Loser. The women on that show all have the same story. They are moms that gave it all for their family, left nothing for themselves, and now they are obese with multiple health problems.

It’s a battle to tell ourselves it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, to make the things for us a priority, or to ask hubby to take on the main care giver role a couple of hours on the weekend so I can have a break.

Recently I asked hubby to help me clean the house on the weekends so during weekly nap time I might have time to exercise, or write, or read. He agreed of course because he is wonderful.

So this is my new initative: to be a little more selfish; not to always let my stuff get the raw end of the deal. My goal is to remember that besides being a wife and a mother I am an individual with goals and desires that deserve to be met.

Can I get an amen?

Any mom out there succeed in this struggle? Any tips or advice?

Today is my husband’s birthday. My sweet, sweet hubby! The man of my dreams and the most important person in my life.

Just look how CUTE he was going to preschool!

He loves to drive fast,

he’s a very good Craps player,

he’s an incredible father,

he is the best husband,

and the best man anyone could ask to be in their life!

I love you babe! Happy birthday!!!

Today I want to write about my love: my hubby! I felt like writing about him today for no particular reason, no holiday, or special occasion; only because I love him so much. He is sincerely my best friend and soul mate. He is the most supportive, loving, caring, fun person I know. God put him on this earth just for me and orchestrated our meeting at just the right time.

Here’s a brief synopsis of God’s timing and our story:

1. Hubby and I grew up about a ten minute walk from each other – but never met.

2. We went to the same junior high school -but never met.

3. We attended the same bar mitzvah for a mutual friend -but never met.

4. Hubby and I had the same friends – but never met.

5. We went to high school for one year together – but never met.

6. We went to college together our last two years  -and this was the time!

God planned for us to meet our last semester in school at a BBQ.

Isn’t that amazing?! All those connections, all those thousands of times we could have and should have met and we didn’t.

God knew the perfect time for us to meet!

I love God’s timing!

And now here we are: seven years and two baby boys later and my hubby is still my one true LOVE!

Love you babe!!!

I can not believe it’s been ten years since 9/11. Listening to the radio and watching TV specials Sunday sent chills up my spin remembering where I was ten years ago on that horrific day. So much has changed in our country since then and we as Americans have been permanently altered because of that day.

But on a personal note, 9/11 was eye opening to me, just thinking about where I was in general ten years ago. Ten years ago I was still in college, I had a boyfriend I was planning on breaking up with, and I was working in retail. Ten years ago I had no idea where my life was going to end up, I couldn’t see past graduation the following year.

Thinking about all the huge life events that have happened to me in the past ten years is truly amazing. I became a Christian, got married, quit many jobs, moved seven times, finally found a job I liked, went on vacation to Europe (among other less impressive places), bought a townhouse, gave birth to my first son, quit my job, went back to work, gave birth to my second son, quit my job again, sold a townhouse, and moved back to the city I was raised in. Whew….that’s a lot! What a difference ten years makes!

I have also learned a lot of life lessons in ten years, such as: things don’t always turn out as you expect…sometimes they turn out better, everything is possible with God, marrying your best friend is key to a happy marriage, boys really are more fun (in my non-biased opinion), family is forever, it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are with the ones you love, creating boundaries is vital, priorities change for everyone and that is okay, and love is all that matters!

Where were you ten years ago? How much has your life changed? What major life events have happened to you along the way? What have you learned?

I think looking back and seeing how far you have come is great for growth and perspective on life. But only look back and reflect for a moment, don’t dwell on it. Keep looking forward and make goals, plans, and having dreams for the next ten years. Ask God to grant you these dreams and to make you prosper.

Personally, I want my next ten years to be less about moving around where I live and more about moving around the country and the globe with hubby and the boys. I pray God will grant me lots of fun, exciting travel in my future so I can see all the glorious places He has made!

What do you want your next ten years to look like?

It’s Hump day! And here is Wednesday’s theme:

Wonder Wednesdays -Wednesday is hump day so to help you get over the hump I am providing fun facts, information, and trivia that you may have wondered about.  I hope these posts will help stimulate your mind, teach you something new, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

Wonder Wednesday: Surprisingly Affordable Local Resort

Recently hubby and I discovered a surprisingly affordable resort in our own backyard that is the perfect spot for a Orange County local staycation. Pelican Hill Resort.

I know most of us locals have heard about Pelican Hill Resort and what we have heard is how expensive it is, right? But I am here to tell you that it’s prices are not as out of reach as you may think. Hubby and I were taken on a tour of the resort and informed about the many affordable resort amenities locals need to take advantage of.

But before we get into the amenities, let’s talk about how beautiful the resort is. Perched up on the hills of Newport Coast there are ocean views in almost every direction. Just look below. Amazing. Not a bad way to start off the day.

Now imagine you and your family or just you are your love enjoying this view with a yummy bowl of authentic gelato. Sounds pretty good right? The first affordable local amenity that is a must do here at Pelican Hill is to try their gelato bar in the Cafe. Flavors ranging from cinnamon, the strawberry, to cookies and cream. Almost any flavor you can think of and they are all amazing. More importunely the prices were great. Only $3-5 plus the free view of course. Hubby and I could have just ended the tour here and kept tasting into the wee hours.

Oh, wait I am going backwards. Before you have dessert you need to have dinner, right? The featured restaurant at the resort is called Andrea, which is beautiful and luxurious and yet at the same time intimate and casual. It serves rustic Italian cuisines and is made with local ingredients from the Irvine Ranch farm. For two people to have a meal here it would be pretty pricey. At least from a budget minded woman like myself. Hubby and I would categorize it as a VERY special occasion type of restaurant. Now, here’s the second affordable local amenity: Andrea has just introduced a petite size menu that is served in the Great Hall of the resort. You can enjoy the same delicious meals from the restaurant in a smaller size and for a great price. There is live entertainment in the Great Hall every weekend evening as well. See below…doesn’t that look yummy!

It’s a win for the pocket book, a win for a date night out, and a win for great music and a fun atmosphere.

But wait, I went backwards again. Before you have gelato, and before you have dinner, you need to relax. This is a staycation after all. The third and fourth affordable local amenity at the Pelican Hill Resort is at their Spa. For the ladies a fifty minute Amber Gold Signature Massage or Classic Cleansing Facial starts at $95. That’s it! Priced affordable and competitive with most other local massage spas. Plus you get all the Spa perks like the whirlpool, sauna, and herbal steam room….ladies are you feeling relaxed already? I am!

And for the men is the Barber Chair Experience. Complete old school vision with a luxurious twist. While getting a hair cut, hot lather, straight razor shave, or facial grooming hubby can plug in his iPod and listen to music or he could watch the game on the flat screen TV. It’s man heaven!

So there you have it. Four awesome affordable amenities at Pelican Hill Resort for us Orange County locals. Plan your next staycation around these and you are sure to have a relaxing time. Oh but make sure to do them in the right order!