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So it’s the 2nd of January and the year is starting off fantastic.

For starters, hubby and I hit our financial goal of paying off our car loan by December 31, 2011; which means we now have NO DEBT!!! No credit cards, no loans, no extra payments, nothing! All our money is ours and all our stuff is ours; the bank doesn’t own any part of  our lives! The feeling I have is freedom, excitement, and a massive amount of joyful expectation. (If you have never thought you could be debt free I encourage you to check out Dave Ramsey at and listen to his radio show at 980 AM from 11am-2pm. Dave teaches the biblical prescriptive on money; how it’s Godly and smart not to be in debt). Read my post about Dave here.

Another reason for this great start is hubby and I have gotten healthy. We are exercising  at least three times a week, we are watching our calorie intake, (thanks to our iPhone app myfitnesspal –read my post about it here ), and only eating healthy foods. Hubby is starting 2012 twenty lbs lighter and and am starting it ten lbs lighter. We are running in our first 5K race of the year on Saturday and I know many more race will follow!

My boys are healthy, ridiculously cute, and wicked smart. My family and friends are all around supporting and loving us, and my marriage is as strong as it has ever been! In fact, we have our first date night of the year tonight. It’s all about priorities people!

I believe 2012 is going to be a fabulous and extremely blessed year for us and I pray it will be for you too!

Thank you for being apart of my life in 2011 and I hope you will join me for all the new adventures that 2012 will bring.

Happy New Year!


As many of you know I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, financial expert. Dave’s purpose is to teach people how to get out of debt, how having no debt will increase your income and help you to become wealthy, and most importantly how being free from debt is a biblical teaching. Hubby and I have been listening to Dave’s radio show for months and we have made huge advancements in becoming debt free because of him.

But I saw something on Dave’s website yesterday that disappointed me.

One of the methods that Dave teaches is the Envelope System. This is by no means a Dave original thought. This financial system has been used by your grandma for decades. I even wrote a post on it a few weeks ago. The Envelope System is actual envelopes, or in my case a small file folder, where you put the cash you have allotted to each spending category every month.

As you can see in the picture, I have labeled each category in my budget (food, entertainment, medical, misc, etc.) and each slot has cash in it for the month. This file folder cost me $1.50 at CVS or I could have bought fifty white envelopes for $3.99. That’s why I love this system: it’s simple and inexpensive.

But Dave, oh Dave…

Dave Ramsey, the man who says his goal is to get people out of debt and to teach them to stop frivolous spending is selling a Deluxe Envelop System Kit on his website for $14.95.

This fancy leather envelope folder comes with coin purse, places for your checkbook and check register (which you could get free at your local bank), memo pad, debit card holders, and extra cash-management envelopes.

Really Dave? Really??

Why are you pushing this useless, unnecessary crap on people?

You are supposed to help break people of wasteful spending, not push it on them so you can make an extra $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

Dave, I get that even millionaires need to keep making money, but I am pretty sure you make enough money from your radio show, books, speaking engagements, and the other resources you sell.

I am disappointed Dave. Very disappointed.