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Outside in our backyard one warm February morning, the boys entered into an adventures.

They found a ladybug on the ground and sat staring at it and playing with it for ten to fifteen minutes (poor ladybug). Those of you with small kids know that fifteen minutes is like an eternity to a child.

They were fascinated with how small it was, how it crawled, and how it looked.

What I loved most was seeing them playing and discovering together. No fighting, arguing, or pushing. Just enjoying each other’s company. I felt like I was seeing the future; them being buddies and companions. Brothers that would always have each other’s back. Brothers who would have a friendship and relationship that was independent from their parents.

It was so exciting to see them this morning not as my boys, but as just brothers!


My son brought home the cutest and most inspirational craft from bible study the other day.

It now sits in the center of our table.

 But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

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Well it’s that time. I go back to work Monday and I am having bitter sweet feelings about it.

I am so blessed to be going back to my old job, where I worked for almost 5 years,. I LOVE this job, the company, and the people. I am super excited to be using my mind on other things than my boys and having more adult interaction. It will be nice to get out of the house and when I am home have quality time with the boys instead of just the quantity of time.

But, I am sad and anxiousness about missing them and not getting to see their cute faces all day long. I am nervous about the big transition this will be for our whole family as we adjust into a new routine. Being a working mom and all the duties and responsiblites that it entails makes my heart start racing and my hands shake.

But I am excited.

But I am also sad.

I have a thousands different emotions in a matter of seconds.

I am so fortunate that I have supportive family and friends that will be loving and watching the boys while I am at work. These people not only love my boys but they love me and hubby just as much. They are so happy to help my family through this time. Hubby and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!

So we are in for a big change and the transition will most likely be hard and last at least a few months. Yet this is good, so good. God has paved this path for me and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My family is in God’s hands and His hands will take care of us.

Wish us luck next week and we could definitely use the prayers!

We took our first family vacation this last weekend. I know, I know. My oldest is almost four years old and this is the first real vacation we have taken, but what can I say? Hubby and I always saw trip with the boys more like work than an actual vacation. Yet now that they are a little older we thought we would go for it with two nights in Big Bear at a friend’s cabin.

Our trip was wonderful!

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We all have our quirks.

Things that make others look at us like we were strange aliens from a distant planet, or at least look at me like that.

Today I am confessing my oddities to the world and embracing them.

For example:

1. I have a strange and very intense love of the sound of falling water. Since I do not live by a waterfall I use the shower. I could sit and listen to the shower for hours…and have. It’s so soothing and I do my best thinking listening to the calm sound of the falling water on my bathtub.

2. I am obsessed with ironing. I iron all my and hubby clothes, even our jeans and shorts. I have now taken my obsession to my boys clothes, which hubby thinks is just plain certifiably.

3. No matter how bad things are or what horrible circumstances I am in, having a clean house somehow makes it all better. I honestly feel like a better mother, wife, and person when my house is clean.

4. I have never pinned anything. I don’t get it or see why it’s so appealing. (I told you I was weird)

5. I have to have three layers of blankets on me when I go to bed, plus wear thick socks and long pants. But somewhere around one o’clock in the morning I wake up complaining how hot it is. I kick off all the blankets, pull off my socks, and roll up my pants. This happens every single night, but I truly can’t go to sleep without being all bundled up. (This happens in the summer time too and usually involves waking hubby up to turn on the fan.)

Yep I am strange, weird, and odd. But aren’t we all?

I think if we all confessed our quirks and embraced each other for them this world would be a much happier place.

Happy Monday!

My hubby is amazing.

He is amazing for many, many reasons but today I am going to focus on just one reason; a recent development that makes him more awesome than he already was.

Since October my hubby has lost a total of thirty pounds! Thirty pounds! That is my entire youngest boy plus five pounds.

He is incredible!

For most of us this weight loss would be wonderful and brag worthy but for him it’s especially great for these reasons:

1. Hubby LOVES food and this weight loss has been due largely to his strong will power to change his eating habits.

2. Hubby was never a runner or a cyclist but now he is so into working out that he is running four and a half miles and riding over fifteen miles per workout.

Let me put his weight loss in a different persceptive. Hubby now weighs what he did in HIGH SCHOOL!

My hubby is amazing and this is just one more reason why!

Isn’t he a hottie?

I love Valentine’s Day. The day I celebrate my love for my God, my hubby, my boys, my family, and my friends.

My friend once said that she remembers her childhood as “magical”.  Her mother went all out with every holiday and created such special, memorable memories for her. That is what I want to do for my boys. So…

there was decorations,

there were little love gifts and cards,

and of course there was chocolate chip heart pancakes! Yummy!

Okay, this kid is just too ridiculously cute!!

I think he liked the pancakes.

So did I!

Hope your love day was wonderful!