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Most parents will agree with me on the aggravation of the empty box. We spend all this money on toys and games for our kids and yet when an empty box comes into the house it becomes the favorite, best, greatest toy in the world. All those other expensive toys now mean nothing. I always feel I throw my money down the drain at these moments.

One such empty box found it’s way into our house the other day and within seconds it became a boat for scurvy pirates, a cave for secret treasures, and then a car driving with Lighten McQueen. It was in the car game that the boys discovered that my youngest fit in the box perfectly and the oldest was just strong enough to push him around.

Sometimes I don’t think my boys can get any cuter and then they do things like this that make my heart melt!


Dash and Mickey Mouse could not have been more excited for Treat or Treating.

They were going candy hunting with their cousins.

Nothing could be better than being with their cousins: Pirate, GI Joe, and Minney Mouse.

After all the pot luck food was eaten, it was time to go.

All the kids posed for one more picture and then we were off.

Dash remembered the concept from last year.

Mickey went to a few doors but he was having fun just watching everyone.

Then Dash and Mickey went back to their Uncle and Aunt’s house and had chocolate cake…

.. because what says Halloween more than chocolate cake 🙂

Hope you had a great Halloween!!

My oldest will be a future Tour de France Winner.

He is such a strong bike rider and he got to show off his excellent riding abilities at his preschool Trike-a-Thon.

Ready to take off on his Lightning McQueen bike and bright yellow helmet.

And he’s off…

This bike race had hills, tunnels, and a straight away.

He was so amped!

He was so determined and working so hard. We were so proud of him!

After the race most of the kids sat with their families for a picnic, but not our boy.

He took off running around the track, because why not?

He ran around the track at least ten times. My kid has lots of energy!

We had a great morning and my boy proved what an amazing athlete he is and is going to be.

Oh, and my youngest had a great time too!

Isaac won OC Family’s Anaheim Duck’s Wild Wingers Kids Club membership from Jenelyn Russo.

(Great smile, huh?)

Besides getting this cool box filled with goodies like T-shirt, gloves, calender, dog tag necklace, puzzle, and fake mustache (the Duck’s Captain George Perros has a mustache); Isaac also gets to go to VIP events like watching a real Anaheim Duck’s practice.

This was so fun.  Watching an actual practice was so interesting and Isaac just loved it. He immediately asked if he could play hockey too (which I know makes Canadian hubby jump for joy)!

Besides the box and this event Isaac won a free ticket to see a home game, food at the game, and he gets to go to other Wild Wingers Kid Club VIP events. What an amazing giveaway!

But the good news for you parents with little ones is that the membership is only $25. That’s it! So go buy it and then we could all go to the VIP events together!

Check it out

To see the great article by Jenelyn and see the cute picture of my son go here to the OC Register:

I love my boys and I hope you love these pics and they bring a smile to your day!

Apple Picking cutie!

Probably one of two cutest boys in the world. Don’t you think??

Famous chief in training

Sad he was sick and yet he is still freaking cute.

Happy Friday!

We went apple picking at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen last weekend and I was in heaven!

I had been wanting to go for years but things always came up that postponed our trip to the following year.

First off, it was so beautiful there! Lush green trees, mountain landscape, and a historical farm. What could be better.

The boys were instantly taken with the beauty and the wide open space as well.


Besides apples, we could have picked blackberries, raspberries, pears, strawberries, and pumpkins (white and orange).

Doesn’t that apple look perfect?

Surprisingly the apple trees were not tall, or bushy. They were maybe four to six feet tall and pretty sparse; yet they still had lots of apples on them. This worked out good for little boy who could walk right up and pick the apples himself.

An added bonus was this amazing wild flower garden.

I could not get enough of these flowers.

“Mom, can we move before we get stung by a thousand bees?”

“No. Smile with the flowers.”

The last thing we did was go into the historical 1920’s General Store (which I forgot to get a picture of) that sold the most delicious apple cider. We bough a half gallon of cider and finished it within two days. It was to die for!

So basically apple picking at Riley’s Farm was so great and we will be going back every year! Seriously one of the best family outings we have ever done. Drop whatever you are doing now and drive up there. It only took us an hour but I would have driven four!

We went to the Discovery Science Center’s Bug Invasion exhibit last weekend and it was…creepy!

There were real bugs, fake bugs,

and bugs that were 20 feet tall.


Have I mentioned that I hate bugs? I am a typical girl that screams and gets the willies at the sight of any bug. Unfortunately for me I produced two bug loving boys, hence the recent outing. So I pushed my disgust out of my mind and pretend to be really enthusiastic about these creepy, crawly bugs.

 Don’t I look extremely excited standing next to this HUGE spider??? I think I should have been an actress.

Next we entered the 3D Bug maze.

My son was super amped the whole way through. He loved the 3D glasses, the bugs that jumped out at us, the bug sounds, and the spider webs that ticked the top of our heads.

The boys had a blast and I, well I made it through without melting down.

So if you have boys, or girls, that love bugs then this exhibit is for you.

Bug Invasion runs through the end of October so check it out.

Just try to not to freak out in front of the kids!