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I have a pain in my butt. No it’s not a person or some circumstance. It’s a real pain and it’s REALLY painful. After my triumphant five mile run last Wednesday and after the euphoria wore off I started to feel it. The pain is to the right of my tail bone just above my butt. It really, really hurts. I started icing and heating it on Thursday, through Friday, and on Saturday the pain was feeling better. Plus my new shoes were in the closet screaming to be put on and tried out. So of course I surrendered to the power of my shoes and went out for an easy three mile run. That was a mistake, a huge mistake. The rest of the weekend I couldn’t walk. I have been hobbling around because of this awful pain in my butt. Seriously! I am so mad. I ran this milestone and bought new running shoes and then BAM my butt stops me from running.

Interestingly enough I was reading a running magazine yesterday and read about Piriformis syndrome. If I was able I would have jumped off the couch with excitement. Hallelujah, this was my butt pain. Piriformis syndrome is a throbbing ache in the butt and often radiates down the leg. The cause is overtaxed muscles and the spasm can effect the sciatic nerve. Immediately I searched the internet for answers and of course found them on youtube. The video showed me stretches to do and claimed they would help the pain instantly and you know what, it did! My pain went from a ten down to a five right after I was done stretching. Amazing! Though I will be still taking time off until the pain goes away, I am hopeful that it will not take weeks like I previously feared.

This was a huge teaching experience for me as a runner though. I should not have gone that five miles as fast as I did. I should have eased into the run and instead of running a few days later when the pain was manageable I should have waited until it was gone completely. So take note all you athletes or you to may get a pain in the butt!


I ran five miles! Five miles!

When I finished I was on such a runner’s high, the kind you read about in magazines when you feel awesome, like you could keep running for miles and miles. That’s how I felt!. I could have just kept going.

Afterwards, to celebrate my success, I went and bought new running shoes. Please note that my current running shoes are over a year old and the tread is wearing very thin, so new shoes were becoming a necessity. Hubby and I went on a mini date to Road Runner shoe store and I got fitted for my brand new shoes.

Getting fitted for running shoes is quite the depth and fun experience. At Road Runner they measured my feet, asked me all sorts of questions about where I run, how long I run, my running goals, etc. Then they actually made me run barefoot on a treadmill and video taped my running style for a few seconds. Lastly, I stood on a pressure pad to measure the amount weight I put on my and when I put that weight (soles, heels, middle). This was quite the high tech process. I learned that I have very high arches, I run pretty straight footed, and I put more weight on my left foot probably due to compensating from pain I feel in my right hip after I run. My high arches means I run rigid, so I need a very flexible shoe to counter act the rigidness. Who knew your feet and running style was so complex. Very interesting!

Another thing I learned was that I had actually been running in cross trainers, which you can run in but those types of shoes are more for sideways movements. Also my shoes were very firm which is not the best kind of shoe for my feet. I had no idea I was wearing cross trainers and not just running shoes. Of course it’s not the worst thing in the world but still.

So here are my new shoes. Don’t they just look fast?

I have never worn Nike shoes before, for no particular reason, so when these felt the most comfortable I was surprised. I can’t wait to try out my new shoes. Another benefit of Road Runner shoes is there is a 90 day full refund guarantee on the shoes and a 30 day full refund guarantee on the in-soles.

Just to be clear, there was no incentive for me to write about my experience at Road Runners. I didn’t go to a blog or media event here. I truly just had the best time buying my shoes there and thought the fitting experience was super thorough.

Happy running!

Our family started out 2012 with the Southern California 5K in Irvine last Saturday; and when I say my family I mean my whole family. I ran alone and my strong, buff hubby ran while pushing our double stroller with both boys in tow.

It was pretty cold that morning so we were all bundled up. Doesn’t hubby look so tough in his beanie?

Plus my amazing mother joined us. I come from a very athletic family in case you didn’t know. I used to get woken up early in the morning, thrown in the car with a bowl of cereal, and my pillow to go to my parent’s races (running and biking). Funny how I am am now doing the same thing to my boys. I guess you really do turn into your parents in the end.

We also met two of my running club friends at the race. It’s vital to have a good support system!

Everyone did fantastic in the race. I ran a personal best, my mom achieved her goal time, and afterwards we even had enough energy and breath to pose for a picture. Oh and my mom also got second place in her age group and got a medal. She’s so amazing!

But the real hero of the day was hubby. He completed the race in a great time, pushing probably a hundred pounds (boys plus the stroller), and he even got a shout out by the announcer as he came through the finish line.

I mean look at this guy. Isn’t he a stud?

We ended the race like everyone should, at Ruby’s for a well deserved breakfast! Truly a great morning.

So today I am going to try and run Fartleks. Now stop laughing, Fartleks is not a bad word although it’s funny to say. Fartleks is “speed play” in Sweedish and it’s a form of interval training .  Gösta Holmér a cross country runner developed the training. The purpose of interval training is to develop speed by running for short distances at a speed significantly higher than the normal strong race pace, with these short runs separated by intervals of easy running or jogging.

So here’s what I am going to do today:

Run 10 mins easy

1st Fartlek: 2 mins fast and then 2 mins slow

2nd Fartlek: 2 mins fast and then 2 mins slow

3rd Fartlek: 2 mins

Run 10 mins easy

I have been planning on doing this for a week and I keep putting it off. I”m not sure why, I just think this will be so hard so I am procrastinating big time. But that stops today. I am going to do it!

Wish me luck! I will update this post after I finish and let you how I did.

Okay I did it!

WOW, that was just as awful as I expected. But the point is I did it and I didn’t die. Doing the sprints were so hard but actually the worst part was having to run the last 10 mins after the three sprints. I was basically shuffling. I think an old man in a walker could have past me. The training manuals say I should do that once a week so we will see if I can stay motivated to do it!

Thanks for checking back in!

I have recently gotten into running, which is quite interesting to me because I have always hated running without a purpose. A purpose would be running to get a basketball or soccer ball. But in an attempt to get more exercise and get in better shape I finally resolved myself to running just to run. I started just running a mile and I did that one mile loop around myself for a long time. My goal at that time was to just improve my time on one mile, then I added in light weight lifting and sit ups. Finally I went a mile and a half, and it almost killed me. But slowly, very slowly I improved. Then I was fortunate to get hooked up with a mom’s running club and that is when it all changed.

I have to great fortune of knowing the the owner of Stroller Strides Irvine/Tustin. She let me know about the Stroller Stride running club that met once a week and was training for a 5K. I went to the first run with the group to discover it’s called Stroller Stride for a reason; every woman was running while pushing her baby in the stroller. I was the only one without a stroller or a baby. Needless to say I felt a little out of place that first night, but the women were so welcoming and I reassured them I did have kids but they were too old to sit in a stroller for thirty mins.

That first run we went two and a half miles and I did it. It was so amazing! I totally didn’t think I could run that far but running in a group is so much easier and much more fun than running by yourself. This was the moment -I was now addicted to running!

I met each week with the club and ran three times a week on my own until race day. Last Saturday was the Santa Run and it was what I had hoped it would be. Lots of people, tons of excitment, people dressed up in Christmas outfits, and Santas everywhere.

It was very cold but we were prepared. The boys were dressed for snow weather because I am a mom that totally overdresses her kids. I had two layers on, a hat, and gloves (I am also a woman that overdresses herself).

I had two layers on, a hat, and gloves (I am also a woman that overdresses herself).

 This is my favorite picture, my boys on the look out for their mama.

Here I come.

I crossed the finish line two minutes faster than I trained for. Woohoo!

I even got a medal and it makes no difference to me that it’s made of cardboard.

It’s currently hanging on the Christmas tree.