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I am so glad Thanksgiving is over. That’s sound awful I know but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong I had a great Thanksgiving. Full of wonderful food, family, fun, and laughter.

I am thankful it only comes once a year though.

Holidays with long weekends are wonderful but they always tend to throw my family out of wack. For example:

1. The boys go to bed late and wake up too early due to all the excitment.

2. We are all eating like crap so I know internally we aren’t feeling our best.

3. Having my hubby home is wonderful but all this family time can start wearing on both of our nerves. Again sounds awful to say out loud but I would bet a lot of you have felt this way too.

4. The boys are abnormally amped during the day which after a few hours leads to whines and crankiness.

But now it’s the glorious week after Thanksgiving and hubby is back at work, my son is back in preschool, and we are all back in bible study.

This means:

1. The boys are going to sleep on time and waking up later.

2. I have us back on our healthy eating diet.

3. We love being together but are all valuing our alone time again.

4. The boys are back to their calm (most of the time) selves.

Combined all together the final result is:

1. A much happier mommy


This is my confession post. The post where I let it all hang out and hope you won’t judge me too harshly. This is the real me.

The real me always surfaces under extreme stress; like Thanksgiving…

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Here is a quick summary of my Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy.

I had eleven people to feed for Thanksgiving.

It was stressful but the the evening was a huge success.

My table looked pretty good, if I do say so myself.

All the family mingled and enjoyed each other.

The fried turkey came out perfect.

We all ohh’d and aw’d as hubby began to crave.

We all ate, drank, and were happy.

 I am very, very happy and thankful.

The end.

I am so stuffed. So, so, so stuffed! I ate so much food last night I think four people could have been fed with the amount of food I consumed. Waking up this morning I feel like a stuffed pig that was plumped up for the slaughter. Just put an apple in my mouth and I would be ready. I can’t even lay on my stomach right now, it’s too uncomfortable. I am wearing a bright pink moo-moo, no joke. Nothing else will fit. OK I am joking, but only a little.

Oh the food was so good though, which is a little bit of bragging; because I made most of it, but it was really yummy! Last night was especially bad because I am coming off a three week fitness/diet kick. Well I blew that! I will get back on the saddle, but not till tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. Maybe Monday.

Today is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for:

The Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins.

My wonderful, amazing husband.

My boys, the God-sent blessings of my life.

My supportive parents.

My loyal friends.

My health and the health of my family.

The abundant financial provision from God.

The beautiful roof over my head.

The food in my refrigerator and on my table.

The safe, beautiful city I live in.

A reliable car that it has gas in it.

I could go on and on and on. I am so thankful for the life God has given me. These words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for all that I have. I hope you all are feeling equally thankful today.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, my son’s preschool held a Stone Soup party. Do you know the story of Stone Soup? Oh my gosh it’s so cute. Here is a brief summary (in my own words):

A lone traveler walks into a town and asks the villagers for some food. One by one they all adamantly profess to having no food; none at all. So the traveler said ” Oh that’s ok, I have a “magic” stone and all I need is a pot, some water, and I can make us all soup.” Naturally the villagers are intrigued. He begins to stir the “soup” over a fire and takes a deep smell and says “yes, yes this is smelling very good. Very good indeed. But you know I think this would taste even better with some carrots.” Immediately a villager pipes up,  “I have some carrots,” and runs home, grabs the carrots, and hands them to the traveler who adds them to the “magic” soup. Again, the traveler raves about how good the soup smells but would probably be better with potatoes, then onions, then green beans, then tomatoes, etc. By the end of the story the soup is indeed smelling and tasting great due to the generosity of the villagers; and not the “magic” stone.

Such a wonderful story about generosity and being thankful for what God has given us in this world. The preschool made Stone Soup with each ingredient that the children brought in from home.

Each family was invited to celebrate and there was plenty of soup for everyone.

My youngest LOVED the soup (he ate his whole bowl as well as his brother’s bowl) and my oldest loved the corn bread and the pumpkin pie.

A great time was had by all and we now have a new favorite Thanksgiving story.


















The acronym WWJD is well know inside and outside Christian circles. What Would Jesus Do? The phrase’s intent is to convict the believer to stop and think what Jesus would do in their situation before they act or speak. I think it’s a very good and helpful thing to ask yourself and yet just as difficult to follow through with. For instance; I know Jesus loves all people, but for me…

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