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I love my boys and I hope you love these pics and they bring a smile to your day!

Apple Picking cutie!

Probably one of two cutest boys in the world. Don’t you think??

Famous chief in training

Sad he was sick and yet he is still freaking cute.

Happy Friday!


I’m starting Flipping Cute Fridays. On Fridays I will be posting some of the flipping cute pictures of my boys and family in hopes that the cuteness will help brighten your Friday and start your weekend on the right foot!

My flipping cute son at our recent family photo shoot by BraveLittleDuck.

Me and my flipping cute hubby at the last Angles’s game of the season. They lost but we had a blast.

(Notice creepy lady in the background staring in envy at our cuteness.)

My other flipping cute son. Doesn’t he look so sweet and innocent?

My flipping cute family with flipping cute grandma walking in Race for the Cure at Fashion Island.

My mom is a 16 year breast cancer survivor. WooHoo!!

Have a flipping great weekend!!