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Saturday mornings are the best! Sleeping in ( well at least not having to jump out of bed to start the day), big breakfast, relaxing and playing with my family.
Finishing my first work week yesterday had already made this morning, and I suspect the rest of the weekend, a truly special time for me.
The time spent with my family is much more valuable and sacred now. Oh time please slow down!


We took our first family vacation this last weekend. I know, I know. My oldest is almost four years old and this is the first real vacation we have taken, but what can I say? Hubby and I always saw trip with the boys more like work than an actual vacation. Yet now that they are a little older we thought we would go for it with two nights in Big Bear at a friend’s cabin.

Our trip was wonderful!

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My hubby is amazing.

He is amazing for many, many reasons but today I am going to focus on just one reason; a recent development that makes him more awesome than he already was.

Since October my hubby has lost a total of thirty pounds! Thirty pounds! That is my entire youngest boy plus five pounds.

He is incredible!

For most of us this weight loss would be wonderful and brag worthy but for him it’s especially great for these reasons:

1. Hubby LOVES food and this weight loss has been due largely to his strong will power to change his eating habits.

2. Hubby was never a runner or a cyclist but now he is so into working out that he is running four and a half miles and riding over fifteen miles per workout.

Let me put his weight loss in a different persceptive. Hubby now weighs what he did in HIGH SCHOOL!

My hubby is amazing and this is just one more reason why!

Isn’t he a hottie?

So you may be wondering where I have been for almost two weeks.

Or you may be so thankful that I have stopped “typing” for once so you don’t have to listen to me.

But either way, I am back and really sorry that I have been gone for so long. The main reason I have been gone is because of the dread F word.

The Flu!

Oh it was awful. My youngest son got it first, then my oldest son, then me, and finally my hubby. There was a point when three out of four of us were down for the count. I was thrown up on more than I care to remember and laid on the bathroom floor so much I felt like I was back in college home from a sorority party. After three days we were all on the mend but it still took another two days to get our energy back and get into our routine.

I have also been working towards going back to work full time. As many of you know finding work is just like full time work. So that too has been keeping me away. I have made some excellent progress and feel very confident I will be able to announce some good news soon.

I have a bunch of other excuses too…like the boys have been getting up so early and one night they got up at 1am, 3am, and 6am. On days such as these I simply can’t think of anything interesting to blog about. My life seems very un-blog worthy.

I could go on but I will spare you my wine and cheese. Just know I am glad to be back and hope you are glad to be reading again.

Love you all!


Yesterday was a bad day for me.

I woke up with no patience. Everything the boys did was driving me crazy.

Have you ever had one of those days?

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The past few days I have been both flabbergasted and amazed at my son’s conviction. I knew he was stubborn, I knew he was determined but his conviction to stick to his guns has been quite remarkable.

Hubby and I have been trying a new tactic with my son to get him to eat his dinner. He never eats his dinner…never. Even if it’s burgers or pizza, some kind of fight always ends up happening to get him to eat the whole thing. Hubby figures the fight is just about getting attention and we shouldn’t play into it, so the past three days we have stopped fighting him. We told him if he wants to eat fine and if not that is fine too, but he couldn’t get dessert or extra food later if he didn’t eat. The first night he didn’t eat and though he whined later that night about wanting a graham cracker didn’t seem too bothered with not eating and fortunately for us he didn’t get up any earlier. The second night I tried the dessert tactic. I told him I was making cookies after dinner and he could only help and get a cookie if he ate dinner. Do you know what he did? He stuck to his guns. He wasn’t eating dinner and no amount of cookie making or eating was going to stop him. I was floored. Throughout the night hubby and I talked up how yummy the cookies smelled, how good they tasted, and even asked my other son multiple times how good his cookie was. The result? Nothing. He didn’t flinch. The same thing happened the third night. We all ate cookies and he just sat there wanting to know when we were done so we could start playing.

I am simply amazed. He won’t eat dinner, even when a cookie is waved in his face. This kid has the will of a giant and nerves of steel. Truly, my son is my hero for this and I feel very confident that as he is faced with peer pressure as he grows up he will be able to stand firm to his convictions.

I never thought I would be so proud of my son for not eating dinner.

I needed a laugh today so I started thinking of all the funny things my boys say. Such as:

  • During the 5K race last Saturday at one point my oldest son looked up at hubby and said, “Daddy, can I get out now and run? Because I am the bestest runner on this street.”
  • When my youngest son looks at me with his sweet, innocent face and says “Mommy, stinky” and then proceeds to get down in a squat position, grunting, and pushing out his stinky.
  • While playing basketball with hubby in the backyard, my son threw up a shot that actually went in and after we all cheered he said, “I am a rock star!”

By the end of writing these quotes I had a side ache from laughing so hard. So if you too need a good laugh today I encourage you to listen to your kid’s phrases, they are always hysterical!

Happy Wednesday!