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It’s a question that has been asked by all cultures, in all times.

What makes true love? The eternal love that literally lasts forever.

Is it true love when it begins as love at first sight?

Is it true love when all the circumstances fall into place and there is no road bumps or hiccups in the relationship?

Is it true love with both people have the same goals, values, and religion?

Is it true love if it survives the seven, ten, or twenty year itch?


True love is sharing the throw up duties in the wee hours of the morning when both boys have the flu.

True love is being exhausted and smelly together, forever!

Have a great Monday!


Hubby and I went out on a date day to Temecula for wine tasting.

We had not been to Temecula since college.

It was so fun! Beautiful, sunny 80 degree weather. We could not have asked for more.

Hubby likes wine.

And so do I.

We really like red wines and almost never drink whites unless forced by penalty of death.

It was such a great time of uninterrupted 12 hours time of just being a silly couple in love. I highly recommend a day trip to Temecula for all you love birds out there.

Love you babe!

I have been married for seven and a half years. A long time in today’s society but not long compared to some.

Hubby and I have had extreme ups and extreme downs and through it all I have learned two things that makes a marriage last.

Want to know what they are???

1. God

We put God at the center our of marriage. We believe our own marriages are doomed to fail because as humans we all are just too selfish.

Having God as the focal point of a marriage allows Him to intervene during the hard times, He teaches us to love our spouse in a way we couldn’t do on our own, and we learn to pray for each other’s needs.

A God centered marriage honors the marriage commitment; divorce is not an option in our marriage…EVER!

I truly believe that God is the reason for our successful, happy, loving marriage. We would have defintely screwed it up on our own!

2. Friendship.

Friendship is what makes a marriage not only survive the times but thrive.

Being married to your best friend; not in a sappy, cliche way but in a truly literal sense. There is nobody I would rather hang out with than my hubby. We are spending the day in Temecula today and I am so excited. Not because Temecula is some great vacation destination spot or because I desperately need a break from the boys; but because I get to spend all day, twelve uninterrupted hours with my best friend.

And I know hubby feels the exact same way.

That is why one day we will be celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary; because we are best friends.

And best friends lasts forever!

Happy Friday!

Today is my husband’s birthday. My sweet, sweet hubby! The man of my dreams and the most important person in my life.

Just look how CUTE he was going to preschool!

He loves to drive fast,

he’s a very good Craps player,

he’s an incredible father,

he is the best husband,

and the best man anyone could ask to be in their life!

I love you babe! Happy birthday!!!

Today I want to write about my love: my hubby! I felt like writing about him today for no particular reason, no holiday, or special occasion; only because I love him so much. He is sincerely my best friend and soul mate. He is the most supportive, loving, caring, fun person I know. God put him on this earth just for me and orchestrated our meeting at just the right time.

Here’s a brief synopsis of God’s timing and our story:

1. Hubby and I grew up about a ten minute walk from each other – but never met.

2. We went to the same junior high school -but never met.

3. We attended the same bar mitzvah for a mutual friend -but never met.

4. Hubby and I had the same friends – but never met.

5. We went to high school for one year together – but never met.

6. We went to college together our last two years  -and this was the time!

God planned for us to meet our last semester in school at a BBQ.

Isn’t that amazing?! All those connections, all those thousands of times we could have and should have met and we didn’t.

God knew the perfect time for us to meet!

I love God’s timing!

And now here we are: seven years and two baby boys later and my hubby is still my one true LOVE!

Love you babe!!!

Sending my boy to preschool is the strangest thing. In the past two days he has suddenly grown bigger, stronger, he is smarter, more grown up, and more independent. Literally in the past two days. How did this happen? Does this happen to all kids as they start preschool? Or am I just now noticing?

He is my baby, my first born. What is he doing going to school and leaving me two days a week for almost three hours at a time? What makes matters worse is he is totally ready for school, completely ready to leave me, and probably would be fine leaving me for more days and longer hours if I let him.

Does he cry when I drop him off? Nope! Does he miss me? Nope! Is he so relieved to see me when I pick him up? Big nope!

I guess I should be happy he is so independent and self assured. But I’m not. I’m so sad and it’s such a strange feeling in my heart to see him so big and so old. I hate it! It’s too soon, too fast!

Strangely I never thought I would be feeling this way. I am not a super sentimental person and I thought I would be happy he was ready for school. Boy was I wrong!

Here’s my boy as a baby and here he is going to preschool.

WHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make him stop! Make him stop!

For over a month I have been posting five days a week with daily themes and have really enjoyed the challenge, but I am going to change things up starting next week. I will be focusing on topics that really matter to me, that peak my interest, and topics I want to share with you.  For example, I am still planning on writing Money Mondays but will probably write about money others days as well, since it is a topic I am very on fire about right now.

So stay tuned for the change in the wind next week and see what new material I come up with.

I leave you with my cute, sweetie pie who had his first day of preschool yesterday. Isn’t he so big?? Tear!