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Money Mondays -Mondays are about money. After the weekend I used to kick myself for how much money we spent. On Monday my checkbook always felt significantly lighter. That is until I started following a budget, implemented the envelope system, and making and keeping  savings and financial goals. I will be talking about the money subject from a Godly perspective, giving tips on how to manage your money better, how to save, how to invest, etc. Most of the information I will be providing comes from people smarter than me, like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, or my mom. Nothing is original, except for my personal experiences. I am just passing on information to hopefully help your checkbook like it’s helped mine.

Touching Tuesdays -Tuesdays are focused on the heart.  My heart, your heart, and God’s heart. Touching stories from every topic that touches my heart and I hope touches yours.

Wonder Wednesdays -Wednesday is hump day so to help you get over the hump I am providing fun facts, information, and trivia that you may have wondered about.  I hope these posts will help stimulate your mind, teach you something new, and hopefully put a smile on your face.

Teachable Thursdays -I have two young boys and I am constantly looking for ways to teach them how to be good citizens, gentlemen, and live their lives through faith in God.  I believe I must start these lessons now so they are ingrained in their minds as they grow up.  So on Thursdays I will share teachable topics, tips, and advice for your little ones.

Funny Fridays – Fridays are the funny days. Things I find funny (even if you don’t).  It might be something I saw on the street, something my boys said, or a cartoon I was forced to watched.  Laughter is good for the soul and the perfect way to go into the weekend is with a good laugh, don’t you think?

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