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Do you love the age you are?

Or was there an age range you wish you could live again?

I am surprised how much I love my age.

I was SO upset when I turned thirty. Moving out of my twenties was depressing and using a three instead of a two just seemed wrong. I have been in my thirties for two years now and I must say…I LOVE it. I never realized reaching this age milestone would make such a change in my attitude and my outlook. (I do realize I am still young and haven’t hit all the age milestones, but go with my on this!)

I am comfortable in my own skin now.

I accept the things I am and the things I am not.

I compare myself less to others around me.

I am confident in my decisions and what I want out of this life.

My twenties were so full of changes, self doubt, questions, and insecurity. My thirties have been marked with much more security, a sense of accomplishment, and realization of dreams.

I am SO glad I am out of my twenties and know the rest of my thirties will only bring more great things!