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My son FINALLY went up to Mickey Mouse and hugged him!

Do you know what a big deal this is?

Ever since my son knew who Mickey Mouse was he has loved him. And everytime we go to Disneyland he wants so badly to run up to Mickey and give him a big hug. But he didn’t and he couldn’t.

He was SO scared. We would wait in line only to get to the front and the freak out would begin. He would cry, pull away, and almost have a complete breakdown. We finally stopped waiting in line; content with just waving at Mickey from across the street; sometimes from across the park.

Until yesterday.

There was Mickey and there was no line to see him (it was a slow day). My son just walked right up to him and gave him a high five and a hug. Hubby and I were floored! He was so casual about it you would have thought he had hugged Mickey tons of times. Then my youngest (who is normally afraid too) followed his brother’s lead and gave Mickey a hug . Hubby and I were through the roof excited!

We praised my son for the rest of the afternoon about how proud we were of him.



Dash and Mickey Mouse could not have been more excited for Treat or Treating.

They were going candy hunting with their cousins.

Nothing could be better than being with their cousins: Pirate, GI Joe, and Minney Mouse.

After all the pot luck food was eaten, it was time to go.

All the kids posed for one more picture and then we were off.

Dash remembered the concept from last year.

Mickey went to a few doors but he was having fun just watching everyone.

Then Dash and Mickey went back to their Uncle and Aunt’s house and had chocolate cake…

.. because what says Halloween more than chocolate cake 🙂

Hope you had a great Halloween!!