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Saturday mornings

Posted on: March 3, 2012

Saturday mornings are the best! Sleeping in ( well at least not having to jump out of bed to start the day), big breakfast, relaxing and playing with my family.
Finishing my first work week yesterday had already made this morning, and I suspect the rest of the weekend, a truly special time for me.
The time spent with my family is much more valuable and sacred now. Oh time please slow down!


3 Responses to "Saturday mornings"

And what a beautiful week end it is – made to order for you : )

How was the first week back? What were the highlights? What do your boys think of you being out of the house?

May your day of rest (tomorrow) be restorative and stay with you as you head back to work on Monday.

Frume Sarah- first week back was good but I fear the novelty will wear off soon. Boys don’t seem to realize what’s going on. They just like being able to play at their grandma and friend’s house more! Which is okay! Thanks for asking!!

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