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Posted on: February 29, 2012

Outside in our backyard one warm February morning, the boys entered into an adventures.

They found a ladybug on the ground and sat staring at it and playing with it for ten to fifteen minutes (poor ladybug). Those of you with small kids know that fifteen minutes is like an eternity to a child.

They were fascinated with how small it was, how it crawled, and how it looked.

What I loved most was seeing them playing and discovering together. No fighting, arguing, or pushing. Just enjoying each other’s company. I felt like I was seeing the future; them being buddies and companions. Brothers that would always have each other’s back. Brothers who would have a friendship and relationship that was independent from their parents.

It was so exciting to see them this morning not as my boys, but as just brothers!

2 Responses to "Brothers"

Ah…so sweet!!! What a gift.

You and hubby are really lucky. We think the boys will grow up to best buds which is a great reflections on you guys. You should be proud : )

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