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Things that make me weird

Posted on: February 20, 2012

We all have our quirks.

Things that make others look at us like we were strange aliens from a distant planet, or at least look at me like that.

Today I am confessing my oddities to the world and embracing them.

For example:

1. I have a strange and very intense love of the sound of falling water. Since I do not live by a waterfall I use the shower. I could sit and listen to the shower for hours…and have. It’s so soothing and I do my best thinking listening to the calm sound of the falling water on my bathtub.

2. I am obsessed with ironing. I iron all my and hubby clothes, even our jeans and shorts. I have now taken my obsession to my boys clothes, which hubby thinks is just plain certifiably.

3. No matter how bad things are or what horrible circumstances I am in, having a clean house somehow makes it all better. I honestly feel like a better mother, wife, and person when my house is clean.

4. I have never pinned anything. I don’t get it or see why it’s so appealing. (I told you I was weird)

5. I have to have three layers of blankets on me when I go to bed, plus wear thick socks and long pants. But somewhere around one o’clock in the morning I wake up complaining how hot it is. I kick off all the blankets, pull off my socks, and roll up my pants. This happens every single night, but I truly can’t go to sleep without being all bundled up. (This happens in the summer time too and usually involves waking hubby up to turn on the fan.)

Yep I am strange, weird, and odd. But aren’t we all?

I think if we all confessed our quirks and embraced each other for them this world would be a much happier place.

Happy Monday!


1 Response to "Things that make me weird"

Love your quirks – makes my quirks look not so quirky : ) . If you ever run out of things to iron let me know and I will bring stuff over (just to help you out)

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