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Need some motivation?

Posted on: February 17, 2012

My hubby is amazing.

He is amazing for many, many reasons but today I am going to focus on just one reason; a recent development that makes him more awesome than he already was.

Since October my hubby has lost a total of thirty pounds! Thirty pounds! That is my entire youngest boy plus five pounds.

He is incredible!

For most of us this weight loss would be wonderful and brag worthy but for him it’s especially great for these reasons:

1. Hubby LOVES food and this weight loss has been due largely to his strong will power to change his eating habits.

2. Hubby was never a runner or a cyclist but now he is so into working out that he is running four and a half miles and riding over fifteen miles per workout.

Let me put his weight loss in a different persceptive. Hubby now weighs what he did in HIGH SCHOOL!

My hubby is amazing and this is just one more reason why!

Isn’t he a hottie?


2 Responses to "Need some motivation?"

Great Job Adam! And way to support your Man Jami!

It isn’t easy to lose weight and it is a great accomplishment – way to go. And I agree with Jo Ashline about you supporting Adam – there is nothing like the ones you love giving you lots of kudos. Not to mention that running and bicycling are not only good for you and your bones but so much fun.

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