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My Cooking Everest

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Pot roast.

Just saying the name brings a sneer and grimace to my face.

Pot roast has become my cooking Everest.

When flipping through the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook it seems so good and relatively easy.

But don’t let the less than ten ingredients or the simple pictures fool you. This is the hardest thing I have ever tired to make, and after two attempts I still haven’t gotten it right. ARGH!

Why is this so tricky?

The cook time has to be precious or the roast gets dry and then it’s a lost cause.

In the instructions, Ree says to cook a 3 lb roast for three hours. I had a 1lb roast so I cooked it for one hour. Seems logical right.? Nope. The roast was SO dry. An hour was way to long for my stove plus I didn’t turn the heat down (which isn’t stated whether to do or not). It was awful. Hubby had to put on a happy face while he ate it with huge swallows of milk.

My second attempt was tonight and I had high hopes. I bought a 2 lb tri tip roast, turned the heat down to med, and watched it very carefully with a meat thermometer. I checked the roast at thirty minutes and it was at 140 degrees. Perfect, or so I thought. I pulled it out, saw the little pink inside and annouced my victory over this dead piece of meat. The meat however had the finally word.

As we cut into the roast we found it was dry. How is that possible??

After much discussion and my angst, hubby and I think for my third attempt I need to pull the roast out before it’s 140 degrees, like at 130-135, and then let it sit for a few minutes before cutting into it.

Okay people, I need your comments, advice, opinions, and experience with cooking a roast.

I can’t let the hunk of meant beat me!

(Note: I am not criticizing Ree Drummond’s cookbook or her instructions. I am relative newbie in this cooking world and I have a history of not following instructions very well.)

2 Responses to "My Cooking Everest"

I try pot roast once every three or four years and it just does not come out – mine comes out tough and stringy. Yea you for persisting. Let us all know how the next one turns out.

I have a great recipe for cross rib roast. It’s super easy and really really good. I have never roasted a tri-tip as we just cut it up and grill it. Maybe you should try a different cut of meat????

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