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Change, Faith, and The BIG Plan

Posted on: January 17, 2012

Last week I wrote about an epiphany I had about God while reading the book of Acts and Paul’s mission trips. To read the post in it’s entirety please go here, but here’s a quick summary. God has a plan, a huge plan, that involves you and me and all of creation. Though we might not see the plan unfolding or understand our part in it, the plan is working itself out everyday with God’s direction. Which means everything that happens is suppose to happen, I am where God wants me to be right now for His purposes. So if bad things happen to me or in my life then I should not get upset or wonder why because it was in God’s plan for this negative thing to happen. I should take it in stride knowing God loves me and will be there with me. Yep, it was a big epiphany and one that I fear will be easier to agree with in theory then to actually follow through with in actions.

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1 Response to "Change, Faith, and The BIG Plan"

I agree with you that God has a plan for us all and we are all linked together. It is easy to believe when everything is going great, the test comes when things are going “South”. I think it is okay to be upset and angry when bad things happen as long as we follow that feeling with a – “I am not sure why this situation is happening but I will hold on to your hand God and let you guide me through this….”

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