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There’s a pain in my butt…for real

Posted on: January 15, 2012

I have a pain in my butt. No it’s not a person or some circumstance. It’s a real pain and it’s REALLY painful. After my triumphant five mile run last Wednesday and after the euphoria wore off I started to feel it. The pain is to the right of my tail bone just above my butt. It really, really hurts. I started icing and heating it on Thursday, through Friday, and on Saturday the pain was feeling better. Plus my new shoes were in the closet screaming to be put on and tried out. So of course I surrendered to the power of my shoes and went out for an easy three mile run. That was a mistake, a huge mistake. The rest of the weekend I couldn’t walk. I have been hobbling around because of this awful pain in my butt. Seriously! I am so mad. I ran this milestone and bought new running shoes and then BAM my butt stops me from running.

Interestingly enough I was reading a running magazine yesterday and read about Piriformis syndrome. If I was able I would have jumped off the couch with excitement. Hallelujah, this was my butt pain. Piriformis syndrome is a throbbing ache in the butt and often radiates down the leg. The cause is overtaxed muscles and the spasm can effect the sciatic nerve. Immediately I searched the internet for answers and of course found them on youtube. The video showed me stretches to do and claimed they would help the pain instantly and you know what, it did! My pain went from a ten down to a five right after I was done stretching. Amazing! Though I will be still taking time off until the pain goes away, I am hopeful that it will not take weeks like I previously feared.

This was a huge teaching experience for me as a runner though. I should not have gone that five miles as fast as I did. I should have eased into the run and instead of running a few days later when the pain was manageable I should have waited until it was gone completely. So take note all you athletes or you to may get a pain in the butt!

1 Response to "There’s a pain in my butt…for real"

Wow, sorry to hear about the “pain”. Isn’t youtube amazing… Glad you found the stretches that helped. I agree with you that we all should learn to go a little slower and really listen to what our body is telling us. Hope you heal fast and are running real soon

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