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Five miles

Posted on: January 13, 2012

I ran five miles! Five miles!

When I finished I was on such a runner’s high, the kind you read about in magazines when you feel awesome, like you could keep running for miles and miles. That’s how I felt!. I could have just kept going.

Afterwards, to celebrate my success, I went and bought new running shoes. Please note that my current running shoes are over a year old and the tread is wearing very thin, so new shoes were becoming a necessity. Hubby and I went on a mini date to Road Runner shoe store and I got fitted for my brand new shoes.

Getting fitted for running shoes is quite the depth and fun experience. At Road Runner they measured my feet, asked me all sorts of questions about where I run, how long I run, my running goals, etc. Then they actually made me run barefoot on a treadmill and video taped my running style for a few seconds. Lastly, I stood on a pressure pad to measure the amount weight I put on my and when I put that weight (soles, heels, middle). This was quite the high tech process. I learned that I have very high arches, I run pretty straight footed, and I put more weight on my left foot probably due to compensating from pain I feel in my right hip after I run. My high arches means I run rigid, so I need a very flexible shoe to counter act the rigidness. Who knew your feet and running style was so complex. Very interesting!

Another thing I learned was that I had actually been running in cross trainers, which you can run in but those types of shoes are more for sideways movements. Also my shoes were very firm which is not the best kind of shoe for my feet. I had no idea I was wearing cross trainers and not just running shoes. Of course it’s not the worst thing in the world but still.

So here are my new shoes. Don’t they just look fast?

I have never worn Nike shoes before, for no particular reason, so when these felt the most comfortable I was surprised. I can’t wait to try out my new shoes. Another benefit of Road Runner shoes is there is a 90 day full refund guarantee on the shoes and a 30 day full refund guarantee on the in-soles.

Just to be clear, there was no incentive for me to write about my experience at Road Runners. I didn’t go to a blog or media event here. I truly just had the best time buying my shoes there and thought the fitting experience was super thorough.

Happy running!

6 Responses to "Five miles"

Congrats on your run!!!! I love Road Runner, the people there are soo nice. I have gone there twice for running shoes and insoles and can’t imagine going anywhere else. I look forward to reading about your future runs. 🙂

They really were fantastic! Thanks for the comment and for following! Love your Stitch profile pic. Very cute!

Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6, fantastic shoes! If you’re looking for flexible shoes, look into stuff like the Nike Free Run+ 2 or similar as a compliment to your Vomeros. They’re designed to simulate barefoot running, which strengthens your foot, preventing injury and improving balance!

I knew you would love this post Greg!!

I think what I liked most about your blog today was the first part on the runners high. I have experienced that a few times myself and it is amazing – like all the starts and planets are in alignment and the world is perfect for that moment in time. Yea you. Good information about getting fitted for running shoes also.

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