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Posted on: January 10, 2012

I was doing my bible study the other day while the boys were napping and had an epiphany. My study is in the Book of Acts, which is focused on the beginnings of the Christian church and the disciple Paul’s travels bringing the gospel to other countries. I have read Acts several times and when you read something so often it can become dry and uneventful. But the Book of Acts should be anything but boring. This is the account of how the church got started, about the first believers, and how they worshiped Jesus. Acts is our blueprint of how early Christians saw their faith and how we should see our faith two thousands years later.

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1 Response to "Epiphany"

Hi Jami, you have stumbled across the very truth of Christianity, but back then it was called “The Way”. “Christianity” today is Nothing like the Apostolic Christianity started in Acts. But unfortunately, and mainly by the RCC, the whole concept of the early church era and been change to something that if any one of the Apostles could be here today, he will not recognise this new Christianity. Paul warned the churches of false doctrines coming into the church even in His time. We have been given the Word of God, as a instruction manual as to How to life our lives. Christ said to follow Him, Paul said to follow him as he followed Christ but today, “Christians” does not have a clue as to what that following actually means. Christ, as our Father, was all about love and giving, to mention but one aspect, and society today is all about what is in it for ME!!

Keep up the Bible Study. The Truth and the Way is in there. Just ask for the guidance, understanding through humbleness. Read Ps 111:10 and the word “fear” here to be in “AWE” of God….

Happy Bible Study

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