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Starting 2012 with a 5K

Posted on: January 9, 2012

Our family started out 2012 with the Southern California 5K in Irvine last Saturday; and when I say my family I mean my whole family. I ran alone and my strong, buff hubby ran while pushing our double stroller with both boys in tow.

It was pretty cold that morning so we were all bundled up. Doesn’t hubby look so tough in his beanie?

Plus my amazing mother joined us. I come from a very athletic family in case you didn’t know. I used to get woken up early in the morning, thrown in the car with a bowl of cereal, and my pillow to go to my parent’s races (running and biking). Funny how I am am now doing the same thing to my boys. I guess you really do turn into your parents in the end.

We also met two of my running club friends at the race. It’s vital to have a good support system!

Everyone did fantastic in the race. I ran a personal best, my mom achieved her goal time, and afterwards we even had enough energy and breath to pose for a picture. Oh and my mom also got second place in her age group and got a medal. She’s so amazing!

But the real hero of the day was hubby. He completed the race in a great time, pushing probably a hundred pounds (boys plus the stroller), and he even got a shout out by the announcer as he came through the finish line.

I mean look at this guy. Isn’t he a stud?

We ended the race like everyone should, at Ruby’s for a well deserved breakfast! Truly a great morning.


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What could be better than running your personal best and hubby did so great – should have received a medal for running for three. Hope your blog inspires more people to participate in these events – they are fun, the whole family gets involved and lets not forget how much healthier we all are from exercising.

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