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Fartleks….hahaha!…..Okay I did it!

Posted on: December 23, 2011

So today I am going to try and run Fartleks. Now stop laughing, Fartleks is not a bad word although it’s funny to say. Fartleks is “speed play” in Sweedish and it’s a form of interval training .  Gösta Holmér a cross country runner developed the training. The purpose of interval training is to develop speed by running for short distances at a speed significantly higher than the normal strong race pace, with these short runs separated by intervals of easy running or jogging.

So here’s what I am going to do today:

Run 10 mins easy

1st Fartlek: 2 mins fast and then 2 mins slow

2nd Fartlek: 2 mins fast and then 2 mins slow

3rd Fartlek: 2 mins

Run 10 mins easy

I have been planning on doing this for a week and I keep putting it off. I”m not sure why, I just think this will be so hard so I am procrastinating big time. But that stops today. I am going to do it!

Wish me luck! I will update this post after I finish and let you how I did.

Okay I did it!

WOW, that was just as awful as I expected. But the point is I did it and I didn’t die. Doing the sprints were so hard but actually the worst part was having to run the last 10 mins after the three sprints. I was basically shuffling. I think an old man in a walker could have past me. The training manuals say I should do that once a week so we will see if I can stay motivated to do it!

Thanks for checking back in!

2 Responses to "Fartleks….hahaha!…..Okay I did it!"

Good job! Those are super hard but super good. Making me feel lazy!

I don’t think I can make you feel lazy, Miss Half Marathon!!!!

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