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Sweetest Moment

Posted on: December 22, 2011

I had the sweetest afternoon with my boys yesterday and it was so sweet because we did nothing. The Christmas season brings so much activity and so many events. Always something to do and someplace to go. But in all the busyness the simple  joy and peace of just going to the local park and playing can get lost.

I had nothing planned so we walked leisurely to the park discussing the important topics of Christmas lights, the buried treasure we would find in the sand, and the friends that might be there. There was nobody to meet and no agenda once we got there. It was perfect.

The boys slide down slides, climbed the jungle gyms, which we of course pretended were pirate ships, and they flew in the sky like Buzz Light Year on the swings. Then we moved to the grass and played baseball with a small red ball and an oversize shovel. It here with my boys playing in the sun that the sweetness of the moment really hit me. I felt so blessed, so fortunate, and so gratful for the life God has given me.

So today, tomorrow, or Saturday I challenge you to do nothing. Stay home and just play with your kids. Or go to the park with no plans to meet anyone and no agenda except to just enjoy playing. Don’t take pictures, or tweet, or updated your FaceBook status. Just be present in the moment and I promise you will have the sweetest, most memorable time.

1 Response to "Sweetest Moment"

I so agree with you. I don’t tweet or face book but I have a camera. Even though I love my Kodak moments, taking pictures can be such a distraction from the moment. Thanks for the reminder on what is important, the need to power down and enjoy what we have.

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