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Small Town America

Posted on: December 21, 2011

I think I live in small town America. I know that must sound strange considering my address is in Orange County, California; but it’s true. The community we live in, the housing track that I grew up in, is exactly like a small town. The park is at the center where all moms and young kids meet, play, and people truly do know your name. The swim team really creates a sense of belonging and in the summer everyone in the neighborhood can be found at the pool. We have a fourth of July parade where the kids dress up their bikes and are lead around the neighborhood by the local fire engine. In spring a huge Easter egg hunt and pancake breakfast in held in the park, and in fall the majority of  houses are decorated to scare and delight our children .

Finally in winter is the cookie exchange party with Christmas caroling. This was our first time attending this event and it was quite the scene. I think there was at least twenty to twenty five kids along with each of set of parents. The amount of cookies and cupcakes could have feed a small country.

Then after everyone had stuffed themselves with sugary goodness we all went door to door singing Christmas carols. It doesn’t get any cuter than this.

The kids sang their hearts out and each homeowner was overjoyed at the sight of these beautiful children wishing them a Merry Christmas.

I mean who wouldn’t want these cute boys singing to them on their doorstep.

Side note: my oldest didn’t do much singing because he was too busy wielding his sword around. My youngest loved the whole experience and tried his hardest to sing along, which was priceless.

I tell you I live in small town America and I absolutely love it!



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