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Posted on: December 15, 2011

I have recently gotten into running, which is quite interesting to me because I have always hated running without a purpose. A purpose would be running to get a basketball or soccer ball. But in an attempt to get more exercise and get in better shape I finally resolved myself to running just to run. I started just running a mile and I did that one mile loop around myself for a long time. My goal at that time was to just improve my time on one mile, then I added in light weight lifting and sit ups. Finally I went a mile and a half, and it almost killed me. But slowly, very slowly I improved. Then I was fortunate to get hooked up with a mom’s running club and that is when it all changed.

I have to great fortune of knowing the the owner of Stroller Strides Irvine/Tustin. She let me know about the Stroller Stride running club that met once a week and was training for a 5K. I went to the first run with the group to discover it’s called Stroller Stride for a reason; every woman was running while pushing her baby in the stroller. I was the only one without a stroller or a baby. Needless to say I felt a little out of place that first night, but the women were so welcoming and I reassured them I did have kids but they were too old to sit in a stroller for thirty mins.

That first run we went two and a half miles and I did it. It was so amazing! I totally didn’t think I could run that far but running in a group is so much easier and much more fun than running by yourself. This was the moment -I was now addicted to running!

I met each week with the club and ran three times a week on my own until race day. Last Saturday was the Santa Run and it was what I had hoped it would be. Lots of people, tons of excitment, people dressed up in Christmas outfits, and Santas everywhere.

It was very cold but we were prepared. The boys were dressed for snow weather because I am a mom that totally overdresses her kids. I had two layers on, a hat, and gloves (I am also a woman that overdresses herself).

I had two layers on, a hat, and gloves (I am also a woman that overdresses herself).

 This is my favorite picture, my boys on the look out for their mama.

Here I come.

I crossed the finish line two minutes faster than I trained for. Woohoo!

I even got a medal and it makes no difference to me that it’s made of cardboard.

It’s currently hanging on the Christmas tree.


3 Responses to "Running"

Congrats on the new hobby! Welcome to the running world!

Thank you Lex! I like all the videos on your blog and I could definitely use the extra motivation. I hope to watch you in the Olympics!!

Yea you. Running now only gets one into shape but it is a good way to let out stress. Love it that your medal is on the Christmas – exactly where it should be

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