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The Glorious Week After Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 30, 2011

I am so glad Thanksgiving is over. That’s sound awful I know but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong I had a great Thanksgiving. Full of wonderful food, family, fun, and laughter.

I am thankful it only comes once a year though.

Holidays with long weekends are wonderful but they always tend to throw my family out of wack. For example:

1. The boys go to bed late and wake up too early due to all the excitment.

2. We are all eating like crap so I know internally we aren’t feeling our best.

3. Having my hubby home is wonderful but all this family time can start wearing on both of our nerves. Again sounds awful to say out loud but I would bet a lot of you have felt this way too.

4. The boys are abnormally amped during the day which after a few hours leads to whines and crankiness.

But now it’s the glorious week after Thanksgiving and hubby is back at work, my son is back in preschool, and we are all back in bible study.

This means:

1. The boys are going to sleep on time and waking up later.

2. I have us back on our healthy eating diet.

3. We love being together but are all valuing our alone time again.

4. The boys are back to their calm (most of the time) selves.

Combined all together the final result is:

1. A much happier mommy

2 Responses to "The Glorious Week After Thanksgiving"

I TOTALLY get you! It’s hard to be off schedule. Sometimes a little alone time fixes everything 🙂

When mommy is happy the whole house (world) is happy. I so agree that everyone needs some alone time – especially mom and dad.

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