This and That


Posted on: November 25, 2011

I am so stuffed. So, so, so stuffed! I ate so much food last night I think four people could have been fed with the amount of food I consumed. Waking up this morning I feel like a stuffed pig that was plumped up for the slaughter. Just put an apple in my mouth and I would be ready. I can’t even lay on my stomach right now, it’s too uncomfortable. I am wearing a bright pink moo-moo, no joke. Nothing else will fit. OK I am joking, but only a little.

Oh the food was so good though, which is a little bit of bragging; because I made most of it, but it was really yummy! Last night was especially bad because I am coming off a three week fitness/diet kick. Well I blew that! I will get back on the saddle, but not till tomorrow. Maybe Sunday. Maybe Monday.


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