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Posted on: November 21, 2011

Most parents will agree with me on the aggravation of the empty box. We spend all this money on toys and games for our kids and yet when an empty box comes into the house it becomes the favorite, best, greatest toy in the world. All those other expensive toys now mean nothing. I always feel I throw my money down the drain at these moments.

One such empty box found it’s way into our house the other day and within seconds it became a boat for scurvy pirates, a cave for secret treasures, and then a car driving with Lighten McQueen. It was in the car game that the boys discovered that my youngest fit in the box perfectly and the oldest was just strong enough to push him around.

Sometimes I don’t think my boys can get any cuter and then they do things like this that make my heart melt!


4 Responses to "Box"

That is so cute! I love that they play together like that! Hoping Ethan gets a brother someday 🙂

WOW Lynne! You are amazing! Already up for a third. You are my hero! After Caleb was born the thought of a third sounded awful! 🙂

Totally, Olivia’s daycare has cardboard boxes as toys to play with.

They are the best. All parents should stop buying toys and just buy empty boxes!

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