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I think I am done

Posted on: November 14, 2011

My boys are growing like bean stalks. They seem to grow an inch per second.

My youngest barely fits on his changing table and I have started contemplating potty training him on the second birthday. (Everyone else gets to go to the bathroom and he wants too as well.) My older son talks to me in full sentences, expresses his emotions clearly, and uses an ever growing vocabulary. He constantly amazes me.

Part of me is sad because I no longer have babies that fit in my arms and snuggle into my chest to sleep. Babies are so wonderful and just warm my heart. The other part of me is pretty happy my family is leaving this baby stage. Though cute and cuddle, babies also do not sleep through the night, don’t know how to eat, or talk, or well do anything by themselves. Now that they are getting older, my boys are playing together without me and that means I have some time alone. Can I get an amen?

As they get older I am envisioning family vacation trip that might actually feel like a vacation and not work. Having private vacations with just hubby and I for more that just one night and getting to focus on things I like to do and not be so consumed in baby world.

“They” say mothers know when they are finished having babies. Maybe our biological clock stops ticking and that makes us feel complete with the amount of children we have.  I have these completion feelings. The thought of being pregnant (yuck) and having a newborn again does not sound appealing to me. Things are so easy now. Well not easy but less stressful now that the boys are more self sufficient and I don’t have to wipe as may bottoms.

I think I am done. I think I am content with my boys and our family the way it is. Of course I am not ready to slam the door shut, lock it, and throw away the key. Not yet but it’s coming. I am ready for the new phase of life for my family. Though it is strange to be moving away from baby life, it’s time.

1 Response to "I think I am done"

I’ll give you an amen. I think one knows when it is time to move on. As for vacations, it can be a lot of fun with the kids as you are seeing things through their eyes – which is different from seeing things through an adults eyes. You & hubby have to have a feeling of great pride at how wonderful your boys are.

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