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Want to know how to make a marriage last and thrive?

Posted on: October 28, 2011

I have been married for seven and a half years. A long time in today’s society but not long compared to some.

Hubby and I have had extreme ups and extreme downs and through it all I have learned two things that makes a marriage last.

Want to know what they are???

1. God

We put God at the center our of marriage. We believe our own marriages are doomed to fail because as humans we all are just too selfish.

Having God as the focal point of a marriage allows Him to intervene during the hard times, He teaches us to love our spouse in a way we couldn’t do on our own, and we learn to pray for each other’s needs.

A God centered marriage honors the marriage commitment; divorce is not an option in our marriage…EVER!

I truly believe that God is the reason for our successful, happy, loving marriage. We would have defintely screwed it up on our own!

2. Friendship.

Friendship is what makes a marriage not only survive the times but thrive.

Being married to your best friend; not in a sappy, cliche way but in a truly literal sense. There is nobody I would rather hang out with than my hubby. We are spending the day in Temecula today and I am so excited. Not because Temecula is some great vacation destination spot or because I desperately need a break from the boys; but because I get to spend all day, twelve uninterrupted hours with my best friend.

And I know hubby feels the exact same way.

That is why one day we will be celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary; because we are best friends.

And best friends lasts forever!

Happy Friday!

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