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Occupy Responsibility

Posted on: October 27, 2011

Let me start by saying I am all for protesting. I don’t think I would ever actually participate in a protest but I think it’s great when people stand up, take to the street, and express their feelings in a peaceful, constitutional manner. Protesting helped get women the vote, it got our government to withdraw from Vietnam, and was a huge motivator in the civil rights movement.

I am all for protesting.

Well that isn’t entirely true. Let me rephrase…

I am all for protesting with a purpose.

The protesters in the Occupy Wall Street/Orange County/Your Backyard movement that is happening now around the country is pointless and I completely disagree with it.

Of course I am against corporate and Wall Street greed, and of course I think it’s awful that so many people are out of work or can’t find jobs that pay them for what they deserve. My hubby had three jobs in one year due to the recession/depression of our economy. But here is where this protest totally comes unglued for me: I plan to fight against this greed by voting new, fresh people into congress, the senate, and our local government, so that we can turn things around from the inside. The Occupy protesters seem to just want to complain about life not being fair. Most of their random demands almost have an air of communism or socialism about them.

For example:

  • Guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment. WHAT? That makes absolutely no sense unless we live in a socialist society. People work hard for the money and the positions they earn. Yes, many people are struggling right now making less than they should, but the economy WILL come back. We will not be in a recession forever and when it does those people who are underemployed now will be promoted. If you aren’t being recognized financially for your work find a new job (they ARE out there,) or go get more education to help make more money. But this whole one income for everyone only works in places like Russia or China, so move there.
  • Free college education. America is a democracy. Supply and demand. People earn what they get here and we pay for quality things like education. If you want free education I guarantee it would be a crummy one and again you should move to a communist country like Russia or China if that’s what you want.
  • Racial and gender equal rights amendment. Don’t we already have this???
  • Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. Go to Canada. Our American democracy will never have socialized health care and it shouldn’t. Think about something the government is in control of, like the DMV. How awful is the DMV? Do you really want the government running your healthcare system? I have family in Canada and they wish they didn’t have socialized healthcare. It takes months to get in and see a doctor. Most people call an ambulance for an ear ache just so they can be seen by a doctor immediately. Do you really want that?

The protesters pride themselves on being leaderless but I think that may be their main problem. Their demands are all over the place and most of them are so far off in left field; it’s ridiculous. There needs to be a unified point of a protest for it to, one: be taken seriously; and two: have demands met.

This last demand is by far my favorite and just sums up how absurd these protesters are:

  • Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Listen up protesters! You are to blame for your debt. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you sign up for a credit card, let alone to use it. Nobody forced you to buy a luxury car you couldn’t afford. You chose to go to that elite college that costs a hundred thousand dollars a year; when you could have gotten the same education from your amazing state college. You chose to be in debt. You chose to live outside your means. That is not the governments fault, that is you being immature and irresponsible.

This whole time you are out on the street protesting you could have been looking for a job, getting a job, or working a job.

Get off your lazy booties, take responsibility for your actions, and stop playing the victim.

Life is hard. Get over it!

Occupy Responsibility!

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