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Disappointed Dave

Posted on: October 26, 2011

As many of you know I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey, financial expert. Dave’s purpose is to teach people how to get out of debt, how having no debt will increase your income and help you to become wealthy, and most importantly how being free from debt is a biblical teaching. Hubby and I have been listening to Dave’s radio show for months and we have made huge advancements in becoming debt free because of him.

But I saw something on Dave’s website yesterday that disappointed me.

One of the methods that Dave teaches is the Envelope System. This is by no means a Dave original thought. This financial system has been used by your grandma for decades. I even wrote a post on it a few weeks ago. The Envelope System is actual envelopes, or in my case a small file folder, where you put the cash you have allotted to each spending category every month.

As you can see in the picture, I have labeled each category in my budget (food, entertainment, medical, misc, etc.) and each slot has cash in it for the month. This file folder cost me $1.50 at CVS or I could have bought fifty white envelopes for $3.99. That’s why I love this system: it’s simple and inexpensive.

But Dave, oh Dave…

Dave Ramsey, the man who says his goal is to get people out of debt and to teach them to stop frivolous spending is selling a Deluxe Envelop System Kit on his website for $14.95.

This fancy leather envelope folder comes with coin purse, places for your checkbook and check register (which you could get free at your local bank), memo pad, debit card holders, and extra cash-management envelopes.

Really Dave? Really??

Why are you pushing this useless, unnecessary crap on people?

You are supposed to help break people of wasteful spending, not push it on them so you can make an extra $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

Dave, I get that even millionaires need to keep making money, but I am pretty sure you make enough money from your radio show, books, speaking engagements, and the other resources you sell.

I am disappointed Dave. Very disappointed.

2 Responses to "Disappointed Dave"

I get your point, but honestly I would pay an extra few bucks to have a leather pouch over a .99 cent plastic folder. This product is just to help someone get organized. If they are THAT strapped for cash, then they can implement their own system like you did. (I do it all the time on things I don’t feel the need to spend tons of money on. ex: non name brand items)
If he was selling plastic envelopes for that, then I would understand the rant of ripping ppl off, but really? It’s seriously only $10 more than your make shift replacement.
It’s also very easy to say that someone makes X amount on other areas of the business and that they shouldn’t be greedy. Do you know how much these cost the company? Maybe it isn’t making THAT much off of them? It’s easy to speculate without knowing all the details.
Overall, I think he does plenty for the community in giving, donations, advice, etc. that he should NOT make any profit (small or large) on his products all because WE want things free.

Really appreciate the comment Andrew! Thank you for your opinion.

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