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Pumpkin Patch Meltdown X 2

Posted on: October 24, 2011

It’s Halloween time and naturally we took the boys to a pumpkin patch.

It was a make shift patch that had been built a few weeks earlier.

Complete with two bounce houses, petting zoo, miniature ponies to ride, some sort of haunted house, and mechanical rides.

Oh and they sold pumpkin there too.

All these great things cost money (surprise, surprise) but hubby and I had no intention of spending money here. We just wanted some cute pictures of the boys surrounded by pumpkins.

Easy right?


The second we arrived the boys ran right to the bounce houses, then the petting zoo, and next the horses.

Three disappointments in a row and I could see the meltdown coming.

Hubby and I locked eyes across the patch and telepathically both said “let’s get a picture and get out of here!”

So we wrangled up the boys and positioned them in a pumpkin pile.

I would think that getting two kids to look at the camera at the same time with smiles wouldn’t be this hard. I mean I know it’s hard sometimes but I always end up getting the shot….but not today.

In this first shot, my youngest is wondering why he is almost doing the splits on a pumpkin and my oldest is practicing his pouty face.

In the next few rounds of shots my oldest decided to use his hand as a prop to make his mouth wider.

Now he is telling me to “hang loose” and my youngest is trying to figure out how to get down.

Ten pictures later… the clapping began. Yes cute but not picture friendly.

Twenty pictures later….more signing and still no boys looking at the camera.

FINALLY, my oldest came around and gave us his beautiful smile…just as my youngest made a break for it.

Forty pictures later hubby and I gave up.

Kicking, screaming, and crying we left.

Maybe we will get to another pumpkin patch before next Monday…

1 Response to "Pumpkin Patch Meltdown X 2"

Not sure why pumpkin patches have turned into mini carnivals. When my kids were little the pumpkin patch was a pumpkin patch with a few chickens running around and an old tractor, the kids had a great time and the pictures were great. Kudos to you guys for not caving in to the rides – kids enjoy the simple things in life if only we give them the chance and not bombard them with all this other stuff. Thought picture 10, boys clapping and the last picture were cute though. Happy Halloween everyone.

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