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Ducks Wild Wingers Kids Club Winner

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Isaac won OC Family’s Anaheim Duck’s Wild Wingers Kids Club membership from Jenelyn Russo.

(Great smile, huh?)

Besides getting this cool box filled with goodies like T-shirt, gloves, calender, dog tag necklace, puzzle, and fake mustache (the Duck’s Captain George Perros has a mustache); Isaac also gets to go to VIP events like watching a real Anaheim Duck’s practice.

This was so fun.  Watching an actual practice was so interesting and Isaac just loved it. He immediately asked if he could play hockey too (which I know makes Canadian hubby jump for joy)!

Besides the box and this event Isaac won a free ticket to see a home game, food at the game, and he gets to go to other Wild Wingers Kid Club VIP events. What an amazing giveaway!

But the good news for you parents with little ones is that the membership is only $25. That’s it! So go buy it and then we could all go to the VIP events together!

Check it out

To see the great article by Jenelyn and see the cute picture of my son go here to the OC Register:

1 Response to "Ducks Wild Wingers Kids Club Winner"

Great post! Thanks for the shout-out and the link. So glad you all won and were able to make it on Saturday. The upcoming parties will be great fun! 🙂

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