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Posted on: October 12, 2011

We went to the Discovery Science Center’s Bug Invasion exhibit last weekend and it was…creepy!

There were real bugs, fake bugs,

and bugs that were 20 feet tall.


Have I mentioned that I hate bugs? I am a typical girl that screams and gets the willies at the sight of any bug. Unfortunately for me I produced two bug loving boys, hence the recent outing. So I pushed my disgust out of my mind and pretend to be really enthusiastic about these creepy, crawly bugs.

 Don’t I look extremely excited standing next to this HUGE spider??? I think I should have been an actress.

Next we entered the 3D Bug maze.

My son was super amped the whole way through. He loved the 3D glasses, the bugs that jumped out at us, the bug sounds, and the spider webs that ticked the top of our heads.

The boys had a blast and I, well I made it through without melting down.

So if you have boys, or girls, that love bugs then this exhibit is for you.

Bug Invasion runs through the end of October so check it out.

Just try to not to freak out in front of the kids!


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