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Posted on: September 29, 2011

My son is the best staller. He has truly perfected it into an art form and I think a book needs to be written about his methods and tactics. The two times he stalls the most is at 1pm and 8pm: his nap time and his bed time. If given the opportunity he can drag out getting ready for bed for a good twenty to thirty minutes. It is extremely frustrating for hubby and I, but if I take a step back and see if from an outsiders view I must say I have to admire his persistent and determination.

Here is the list of the usual sequence of stalling tactics for nap or bed time:

Me: “Isaac it’s bed time.”

Him: “NO!” Stall tactic -tears, running away, and throwing himself on the couch or floor.

Me: “Yep. Come on. Do you have to go potty before bed?”

Him: “NO, I don’t want to go potty!” Stall tactic -tears, completely working himself up into a fit, running away, and throwing himself on the couch or floor again.

Me: “Okay you don’t have to go I was just asking a question. Let’s go read stories.”

Him: Sigh…”Okay.” Stall tactic -Walking at the slowest pace possible (a snail could beat him to the room), dragging his feet, and sighing the whole way

Me: “What books do you want to read?”

Him: Ignoring me and becoming increasingly focused on some toy he hasn’t played with in months. Stall tactic -dragging out time by ignoring me.

Me: “Isaac you have two choices: you can tell me what story you want to read or you can just go to bed. What do you want to do?”

Him: “Read a story.” He gets up and stands in front of his book shelf contemplating what book to read. Stall tactic -taking a huge amount of time picking the book, he will pick the the Curious George book because he ALWAYS picks that one.

Me: “Okay let’s pray.”

Him: ” Dear God, thank you for my family…hdfljasdflk jalfnawlejfaufasjflasnfaksljdflakjsfluasdfouasdof.” Stall tactic -the mumbling prayer could go on for hours if not stopped.

Me: ” Let’s get into bed.”

He SLOWLY moves to his bunk bed ladder, climbs up, and sits in bed. Stall tactic sitting in bed instead of just laying down and getting under his blanket

Me: “Lay down. Goodnight I love you.”

Him: ” I have to go potty.”

Need I say more.

Oh and don’t thing it stops here. The stalling continues after the potty, getting back in bed, singing the right song, hugs and kisses in the right order, saying I love you the right amount of times, on and on and on.

My son is the King of Stalling! Let us all bow down.


2 Responses to "Stalling"

Thank you for ending the week with such a great tale. Glad you can step back and see the positive of this routine (well sort of positive – how about his resolve). Laughed the whole way through – but I guess it is easy to laugh when one is not in the moment of the routine. Yea you and hang in there

Ha! All of this sounds *terribly* my like my evenings! But you forgot to add “I need a cup of nice fresh water” and “I need my blankets tucked in. Again.” 🙂

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