This and That

For My Love

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Today I want to write about my love: my hubby! I felt like writing about him today for no particular reason, no holiday, or special occasion; only because I love him so much. He is sincerely my best friend and soul mate. He is the most supportive, loving, caring, fun person I know. God put him on this earth just for me and orchestrated our meeting at just the right time.

Here’s a brief synopsis of God’s timing and our story:

1. Hubby and I grew up about a ten minute walk from each other – but never met.

2. We went to the same junior high school -but never met.

3. We attended the same bar mitzvah for a mutual friend -but never met.

4. Hubby and I had the same friends – but never met.

5. We went to high school for one year together – but never met.

6. We went to college together our last two years  -and this was the time!

God planned for us to meet our last semester in school at a BBQ.

Isn’t that amazing?! All those connections, all those thousands of times we could have and should have met and we didn’t.

God knew the perfect time for us to meet!

I love God’s timing!

And now here we are: seven years and two baby boys later and my hubby is still my one true LOVE!

Love you babe!!!

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