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Time to close the bathroom door

Posted on: September 26, 2011

My son is three and has become much more aware of certain things. Mainly of me and how I am different from everyone else in the family. I didn’t realize he would start recognizing the differences already, but he has and now we have started to have conversations about what people have penises and what people don’t. Ugg!

So I guess it’s time to close the bathroom door and no more quick wardrobe changes in full view either. To be honest I am annoyed. Keeping the door open is important to me as a parent; to be able to hear what is going on even though I am in a different room. I feel this is especially important having two boys. I leave the room for one minute and something crashes, someone is crying, and someone else is hiding. Closing that door is going to extremely limit my ability to intervene verbally and it slows down my response time to get to the scene of the crime. Sure it’s just opening a door but in these situations every second counts!

Did your kids start asking questions and noticing differences this young?

I’m truly annoyed.

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