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Make Him Stop

Posted on: September 20, 2011

Sending my boy to preschool is the strangest thing. In the past two days he has suddenly grown bigger, stronger, he is smarter, more grown up, and more independent. Literally in the past two days. How did this happen? Does this happen to all kids as they start preschool? Or am I just now noticing?

He is my baby, my first born. What is he doing going to school and leaving me two days a week for almost three hours at a time? What makes matters worse is he is totally ready for school, completely ready to leave me, and probably would be fine leaving me for more days and longer hours if I let him.

Does he cry when I drop him off? Nope! Does he miss me? Nope! Is he so relieved to see me when I pick him up? Big nope!

I guess I should be happy he is so independent and self assured. But I’m not. I’m so sad and it’s such a strange feeling in my heart to see him so big and so old. I hate it! It’s too soon, too fast!

Strangely I never thought I would be feeling this way. I am not a super sentimental person and I thought I would be happy he was ready for school. Boy was I wrong!

Here’s my boy as a baby and here he is going to preschool.

WHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make him stop! Make him stop!


1 Response to "Make Him Stop"

This is one of the hardest thing about being a parent – it is also one of the most rewarding things as well. You have done a great job raising a self assured boy – be proud (and a little sad also)

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