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Teachable Thursday: Teaching Our Faith

Posted on: September 15, 2011

My family goes to church every Sunday, we pray before dinner, we listen to Christian music, and we read the boys bible stories before bed. But we don’t really talk about God during the day. It’s not a big part of our daily conversation, especially with the boys. A few months ago I was feeling really convicted about this. If hubby and I are true believers then the words of the Lord should be on our lips at all times, but it wasn’t.

Why were we only talking about Jesus at certain times of the day? Or in certain places?

This conviction lead me to the internet and I searched for biblical tools to use at home for kids. I found an enormousness amount of possible options but the one that really peaked my interest was a preschool age daily bible devotional on Amazon.

I think it was the best purchase I have made this whole year. We try to read it at breakfast but I always have it on the table to read whenever and talk about the message when the mood strikes us. Because it’s preschool level the major themes and values of the bible are broken down into easy to understand stories and messages. Each day has a bible verse and a daily prayer that reinforces the devotional topic.

Doing this devotional has also enforced our beliefs onto our boys and taught them what mommy and daddy believe and why. A lot of times these stories explain our faith at a preschool level better than hubby and I ever could articulate.

I think teaching our boys our faith starts in our home and is then reinforced at church every Sunday.

What do you use to reinforce your faith to your kids? I would love to hear other ideas!

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