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Touching Tuesday: What A Difference

Posted on: September 13, 2011

I can not believe it’s been ten years since 9/11. Listening to the radio and watching TV specials Sunday sent chills up my spin remembering where I was ten years ago on that horrific day. So much has changed in our country since then and we as Americans have been permanently altered because of that day.

But on a personal note, 9/11 was eye opening to me, just thinking about where I was in general ten years ago. Ten years ago I was still in college, I had a boyfriend I was planning on breaking up with, and I was working in retail. Ten years ago I had no idea where my life was going to end up, I couldn’t see past graduation the following year.

Thinking about all the huge life events that have happened to me in the past ten years is truly amazing. I became a Christian, got married, quit many jobs, moved seven times, finally found a job I liked, went on vacation to Europe (among other less impressive places), bought a townhouse, gave birth to my first son, quit my job, went back to work, gave birth to my second son, quit my job again, sold a townhouse, and moved back to the city I was raised in. Whew….that’s a lot! What a difference ten years makes!

I have also learned a lot of life lessons in ten years, such as: things don’t always turn out as you expect…sometimes they turn out better, everything is possible with God, marrying your best friend is key to a happy marriage, boys really are more fun (in my non-biased opinion), family is forever, it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are with the ones you love, creating boundaries is vital, priorities change for everyone and that is okay, and love is all that matters!

Where were you ten years ago? How much has your life changed? What major life events have happened to you along the way? What have you learned?

I think looking back and seeing how far you have come is great for growth and perspective on life. But only look back and reflect for a moment, don’t dwell on it. Keep looking forward and make goals, plans, and having dreams for the next ten years. Ask God to grant you these dreams and to make you prosper.

Personally, I want my next ten years to be less about moving around where I live and more about moving around the country and the globe with hubby and the boys. I pray God will grant me lots of fun, exciting travel in my future so I can see all the glorious places He has made!

What do you want your next ten years to look like?


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