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Funny Friday: 7 Funny Things I Said This Week

Posted on: September 2, 2011

Below are seven things funny things I said this week. Raising my boys causes me to say the strangest things.

1. Get your hand out of your booty please.

2. If you don’t eat your macaroni and cheese you are going to get a time out.

3. WOW honey, you are such a great pooper! Here’s a cookie.

4. It is not appropriate to hit your brother with a train track.

5. If you do that again, I’m taking your ax away.

6.. You have to finish your Cheerios before you get your french toast.

7. Son says ” Here mommy, here. Take this.”

I say ” What is it?”

Son says ” My bugger.” (With a complete straight face I might add)

But I’m not the only person that does funny things in my house:


2 Responses to "Funny Friday: 7 Funny Things I Said This Week"

One of the best things in life is to be able to laugh at yourself. Yea you

It’s been fun to catch up on your blog! 🙂 I catch myself saying those crazy things too 🙂 🙂

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