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Teachable Thursday: A Lesson For Me

Posted on: September 1, 2011

I’m changing it up today on Teachable Thursday. Today’s lesson is for me, the parent.

Not long after baby boy’s personality started showing did I realized he was going to be very different from his older brother. My oldest son is very outgoing, emotional, passionate, independent, and super active.

Baby boy’s personality, on the other hand, is much more easy going, cautious, very happy, dependent, and laid back.

My sons  are very different people.

When we go to the park my older son will play non-stop the entire time. Baby boy, however, will play for a while and then he finds his way back to the stroller and just sits and watches. He is totally content just observing. My older son would view this as some sort of punishment.

Baby boy loves to sit and read. He and I could just sit on the floor and go through stacks of books for hours. My older son gets bored with reading after page three.

When I take my older son some place new he waves goodbye to me and runs straight into the fun. Baby boy will cling to my leg, force me to pick him up, and stay in my lap the whole time. We will probably have to go back three or four times before he will be comfortable enough to leave my side.

And that is the lesson today. To remember that my sons are very different. To remember that they are individuals. To remember not to expect one son to act the same as the other. And to remember not to compare them.

My sons are very different and that is OK!

1 Response to "Teachable Thursday: A Lesson For Me"

Couldn’t agree more. Love them for who they are.

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