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Wonder Wednesday: I Used To Be Hip

Posted on: August 31, 2011

I used to be hip you know?

Yep, totally and completely hip. Well…maybe not hip but I at least knew what was in fashion and made attempts to keep up with the trends. This is all in the past because I am no longer hip. I must admit it out loud to myself and to everyone -I am not hip!

Why am I not hip anymore you may be wondering? I was wondering the same thing last week as I looked through old photo albums of myself. How did I become so out of fashion? Something must have changed, I thought. Hmmmm what could it be? What could it be??


The cries from both my three year old and one year old can be heard from the back of the house  and then I remember the reason. I had kids!

That’s why I have none of the latest fashion pieces hanging in my closest right now. That’s why I have had the same shirts for the past four years. That’s why instead of strutting around with the most fabulous hair style, my hair is in the classic mom uniform of pulled back ponytail. Because I have kids.

My kids have taken away my fashion instinct, my savvy style, and my chic wardrobe. Sure they have given me love, affection, a sense of purpose, blah, blah, blah. But I miss my stylish outfits and my perfectly brushed hair that flows down past my shoulders. Oh the good old days.

Why can’t moms be stylish you may be wondering. Well in my world, everyday my shirt gets pulled, tugged, and grabbed. I am splattered with food, smeared with mud or sand, and always have snot and tear stains somewhere on my clothes. I can’t let good clothes be abused in this way.

So for now I wear unstylish, unfashionable, non-chic clothes and I  just look forward to the day when snot isn’t a daily addition to my wardrobe.

If you have ever wondered why I dress so awful, this is my explanation and please don’t judge me. I realize how bad I look. I’m just too tired and stressed out to care. One day I will dress great again, but today is just not that day.


1 Response to "Wonder Wednesday: I Used To Be Hip"

Great post! However, when the tears and snot go away you will still be wearing skirts that are 4 years old because your children will be growing so fast that every penny hours to buying then new clothes. Lol
I am hoping that when Dylan graduates high school I can buy hip clothes again.

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