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Teachable Thursday:The Value of an Apology

Posted on: August 25, 2011

As a child I had a hard time apologizing. I was too proud and I didn’t want to admit I was wrong. This  inevitable created a worse situation for myself. There was tension, loss of trust, and more likely than not a punishment.

When I started in the workforce I finally learned the value of saying I’m sorry. At work mistakes happen, and for me they usually happened everyday. But I realized the quicker I apologized the faster the situation would  be defused, the sooner I would be forgiven, and everyone could move on from the mistake and start focusing on the solution. I learned it’s really hard to stay mad at someone when they admit their faults and apologize.

In fact, I learned this so well I would apologize for things that weren’t my fault. If the client was upset by something totally out of my control or about something that had nothing to do with me, I would just apologize and miraculously they would feel better. The client knew it wasn’t my fault but having someone apologize just makes people feel better.

I try and teach this lesson to my boys. Just say you’re sorry. If my older son pushes his little brother down, say you’re sorry. If my younger son hits his older brother with a train track (yes a train track!), say you’re sorry. There is usually a hug involved with the sorry and a punishment most likely follows, but by apologizing the boys are mending their relationship and healing hurt feelings.

Admit your faults and be humble. God loves a humble heart.

Check out the video below of my boys practicing this lesson and acting SUPER adorable!!


1 Response to "Teachable Thursday:The Value of an Apology"

I totally agree – if you own up to your mistake(s) and apologize then the situation has been corrected and everyone can move on. It is hard to be mad or hold a grudge when someone says I’m sorry for …….
Great insight.

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