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Touching Tuesday: Questions for God?

Posted on: August 23, 2011

I was riveted reading Elizabeth Esther’s posts that week. They made me cry and made me sad that this kind of poverty exists in the world. Of course I have always known this poverty existed but I always closed my mind to it.


Because it is sad. It is too sad. It is too big. It is too heart breaking to think about. It is just too much. So I would close my heart and close my mind to it and pretend it didn’t exist. If I didn’t have to see it then it didn’t exist and then I didn’t have to deal with the questions that would inevitable pop into my head?

Why does a loving God allow this kind of poverty?

How can God let this happen in our world?

I am constantly reminded at church that God loves me and takes care of me. Of my every need. And I believe it. I believe He does and I have seen Him change our financial situation in a matter of days to bless and prosper us.

But what about them?

Why doesn’t He bless and prosper them?

Why must there be the poor?

Matthew 26:11 says “The poor you will always have with you,…”. Which I take to mean that there will always be poverty, always be people in need.

But why?

There are many answers to why there is suffering in the faith world: so that God can be glorified through His people or because we live in a fallen world with sin and suffering or because of the devil.

In many regards I believe each of these explanations.

I believe God is glorified through His people who help the poor. We are his hands and feet here on earth. We show the world Jesus through our actions.

I believe we do live in a fallen world filled with sin and suffering. Which naturally leads to awful, devastating things like poverty.

I believe in the devil and that he is at work causing many of the  unfathomable things that happen in our world.

But what about the little girl living in poverty right now? 

Do these answers satisfy her?

Maybe. But maybe not.

So now what do I do?

What can any one person do?

I can re-read her posts from that week. I can watch her video from poverty stricken Bolivia.

And I decide to open my heart. I open my mind.

I sponsor a little girl named Ana in Bolivia for thirty five dollars a month. An amount that means nothing to me but everything to her, her family, and her village.

That is what I can do. I can help. Even though I am only one person. I can still help. Even if it’s just to help one girl. I can do what God has called me to do. What he has called all of us to do. Whether you are a believe or not. He has called you to help.

But I do resolve to one day ask God all these questions because I know He will answer them and I know His answers will make sense.

Thank you to Elizabeth Esther for your posts from Bolivia and to World Vision for helping in so many in need.


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