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Teachable Thursday: Donut Chart

Posted on: August 18, 2011

There is something important you need to know about me and my family…WE LOVE  DONUTS! It’s the perfect breakfast treat. Light, fluffy, and full of yummy, scrumptious flavor. Donuts are the best way to start a morning.

Though we LOVE donuts, we do believe they should be eaten in moderation. First because we don’t want to weigh six hundred pounds and second, because we want them to stay special. If you eat donuts all the time they lose their specialness (is that a word?). And that would be a tragedy.

Now, as you know many of you know my oldest is three years old. A glorious age that comes with my exciting traits like uncontrollable emotional outburst, unpleasant attitude, lose of hearing, and an inablility to control your arms when your brother is near. A parents job is to try to stop these traits and try to channel them in a positive way. But how?

Introducing the Donut Behavior Chart:

1 Response to "Teachable Thursday: Donut Chart"

Great idea, great video.

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