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Teachable Thursdays: Taking Responsibility

Posted on: August 11, 2011

Today is Teachable Thursdays.

Teachable Thursdays -I have two young boys and I am constantly looking for ways to teach them how to be good citizens, gentlemen, and live their lives through faith in God.  I believe I must start these lessons now so they are ingrained in their minds as they grow up.  So on Thursdays I will share teachable topics, tips, and advice for your little ones.

This first Teachable Thursday lesson focuses on taking irresponsibility for your actions. Kids make messes. That is just what they do and that is OK.  But it’s important to teach them to take responsibility for their actions by cleaning up the mess.   This simple act of cleaning up their mess can translate and be expanded into a whole array of future life problems and situations that they will face in life.

This is my first time using video in my blog so please forgive the blurriness….I will do better next video! I hope you like it and this lesson helps with your kiddos!


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